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Jennifer Stacks
@djspinking himself! rocking out tonight at Cloud 9 in Passaic with @dj_davidmontana @djrobcast make sure to say my name at the door
#Repost from @djspinking with @repostapp --- Jersey! Jersey! Jersey! Passaic! Tonight I Slip n Slide in that "CLOUD 9" (1ST STOP) !!! Ladies Free Till 11! Let's Have Some Fun Baby!! Pull UP! (4 MARKET ST) #AdultSwim 🏊 #DjSpinKingBaby
This Sunday I'll be @ClubLit make sure to get your bottles from Dm if y'all want to preorder 35-35 Steinway Queens NY
This Saturday catch me at Cloud 9! Rocking out with @dj_davidmontana @djrobcast @djspinking make sure to say my name at the door if you're coming thru 🙌
it ain't always about the sex and baby that's what I like the best.
aww #fbf when I was on TV lol
nothing else matters.
I really don't like to be called Hollywood
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ugh I'm supposed to be done cleaning by now but I keep procrastinating
Lol Part one! of me doing random videos and I'm taking over y'all timeline tonight👅 what y'all think lol?
#Tbt with @chriskrook & @7linemanagement I miss doing this looking forward to making a new one what you think @chriskrook #7linemm #jenstacks
#Repost from @redd_tune23 with @repostapp --- This Saturday Ovtober 18th come to cloud9 to celebrate my 25th birthday #TMFBoyz #MovieNight 🎥🎥🎥🎥 @djspinking @dj_davidmontana @djrobcast all my followers going through me say my name at the door and lmk if y'all wanna be on the guest list
I got myself a freak, good friends & a little family that loves me. I'm blessed #yes.
Learn the CURVES:💁👌😂 oh, lol, I ain't get yo text, my phone died, I gotta see, ima call you back, my phone reset, my bad
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oh oh I guess someone's mad at me 🙈
Had my first Latina I haven't been back ever since ✌️ Latinas are the real MVP 🏆🏆🏆❤️
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Let a nigga try me try me fuck around & ima catch a body
That "White people will shoot up a school" shit is getting old & played out, it's not funny.
One of @JenStacks_ model pics is always my header on here 😍🙌
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my fear is that I become heartless and that one day I become you.
I want to go out but my bed feels amazing too lol idk
Everyday my hearts getting colder.
and I got a random craving for juevos 🐣
and then I have my days where I don't hug anyone at all cus fuck you that's why lol
My favorite type of hugs are those tight "imy" hugs..
anaconda is a very annoying song.
that Ebola shit scares me Bruh. 😳
invest in yourself you are your own product!
Good morning! I would like to give a big and special shout to @angelo_lumas for shooting me for @dynastyseries! 😘 Check me out on
My time and feelings are valuable and I'm not risking it on anyone. #Fuckthat
You begin to realize how strong you really are when life becomes hard.
I think she deserves an award for being this beautiful
I stay forgetting to charge my phone overnight 😒