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Jen's little world
Kanye West is the most awkward Muggle alive. #VMAs
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my favorite goodbyes are the ones I'm secretly hoping are forever
today someone told me my hair was spectacular πŸ˜„ highlight of my day so here's a selfie #spectacular #hair #redhead #sidepony #ponytail
a little scared for work today.. happy move in day Uconn please be nice to your cashiers and service people
work today sucked major balls and tomorrow is gonna be even worse 😩
I can't imagine a feeling better than waking up to my babes asleep next to me because that feeling is incredible
I'm either insane or completely right but Im not sure which one yet
Don't chase other people. Work hard and be yourself. Under these two principles, the right people will find their way into your life.
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the soreness in my arms is telling me I did too many drunk cartwheels
Thinking about booking a tour where we only play at dog parks. Then everyone can bring their dogs.
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the awkward appearance of bummy clothes with last nights heels is my prime morning look
when your parents are all where are you? and i'm just like well i dont remember not coming home last night
realized I made a fetal mistake when I brought a purse too small for breadsticks
"look at the cancer!" yells Grandma
there's nothing like elderly relatives saying that you look sexy to make you want to peel off your own skin
gorgeous beach day β˜€οΈ #beach #ocean #summer #sisters
just watched a seagull couple share a regurgitated meal 😍 how sweet
as for my spaceman &me "we'll be lying like lions out in the sands" 🌚🌎
when someone you have to work with tells you something you did NOT wanna know about them 😭😷
this is why i love @realfriendsband like what band gets doughnuts for their fans??
Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens the immune system.
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i've been very bored with most social media lately.. has it gotten lamer or what
happy birthday to this shining angel over here who I'm so grateful to have in my life πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ’• thanks for being such an incredible friend and neighbor!! can't wait to move back in next to you πŸ˜‰
it's so hard to have someone to love, and keeping quiet is hard because you can't keep a secret if it never was a secret at all
I'm sorry I told, I just needed you to know
Get home at 12 a.m and think, wow this is the earliest I've come home in months #wheresmylifegoing
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We need debt-free college and free tuition is the best way to get there.
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made some friends with the same Deja Entendu tattoo 😍 Brand New love runs deep #brandnew #tattoos #dejaentendu #astronaut #twins #punkgirls #concert #musictats
man, sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something
Brand New was so incredible too bad they're emo AF and backlit the entire show so no good pictures but here's Jessie's beautiful mic stand looking magestic #brandnew #concert #fangirl #flowers #hipster
when you're on your way to an outdoor concert but then it starts pouring and lightening πŸ˜•βš‘οΈoh well still worth it
BRAND NEW CONCERT TODAY 😍😁😡 #selfie #concerttime #excited #happyface #redhead #redhair #brandnew #fangirl
holy shit today is the day O.O Brand New live in the flesh
There is no reason to keep toxic people around
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bored but also i don't actually feel like doing anything soooo idk what now
watching my first meteor shower with snuggles on my babes lawn β­οΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸŒ  it's so cliche but I love it so much
my #wcw Sadie is such a sweet puppy & I can't get enough (even though she pees when she sees me) πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸΆ #puppylove #germanshepherd #carride #cuddles
no explanation is really necessary
there's only like two fucking days before i see Brand New live in the flesh I'm FREAKING OUT omg
@xxzebrafacexx18 No Abbey, yous right. Tolland is like -40% chill
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