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Jen's little world
I'm ready for winter break can we just cancel the last 3 weeks
today Sean and I were talking about how complicated female friendships can be and he was like "when's the last time you had a fight with Becca" and I was like... never.. I've never had a fight with Becca ❤️❤️😜 so here's to @becca.kiely for being great #bestfriends #besties #frames #loveyou
Thanksgiving is Cider's favorite holiday 🦃🍗 #puppylove #thanksgiving #happypuppy
most accurate photo of how this point in the semester makes me feel
i keep telling myself it's too late to give up on this class just because my research paper isn't done yet.. but the idea keeps coming back
I thought my roommates were distracting but I'm trying to write a paper and my mom is dusting around me singing hotline bling 😒
everyone needs a nursing major to be their momma sometimes 🤒�…px
damn i wish twitter had polls when i was trying to decide where to go to college
why can't i retweet you anymore @melisssatbh
I've been informed that I made a mistake on twitter yesterday. I meant marinara sauce for mozzarella sticks, not mozzarella sauce. apologies
I cannot remember realizing I was a bear, so I wonder what it was like to not know I was a bear while being a bear. I am a bear.
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Happy 9th birthday to The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
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when you're dead and my chemical romance finally get back together
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when you wear a brand new sweater for the first time and spill mozzarella sauce all over it 😭
it's like if these researchers don't even know what part of the plant we smoke how do we know their information is accurate at all??
how am I supposed to believe a "scholarly" article about the adverse effects of weed if it says users smoke "shredded leaves seeds and stem"
I must make a perplexed thinking face in class sometimes when I'm zoning because professors are always asking me what I'm thinking about
calling out the worlds priorities on their SHIT…
eating goldfish in the dark so my roommate can pretend we're not here
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when I die please launch my body into space for science
No matter what you're going through today. No matter what tomorrow will always be there to make it better.
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trying to find substantial lunch at daka like…
there was a bomb threat at my school so my professor gave us hammers.. 💣🔨❓
look how cute my baby sister is!! I can't believe this little squirt is 17 😭 (side note that teddy bear was mine) happy birthday Melissy I'm glad I got to visit this weekend I miss you 💝 #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #littlesister #adorable
I've been obsessively watching this live panda cam from the Smithsonian 😍�cF
RIP Milda the hairball in the bathroom stall
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waking up in the middle of the night still kinda turnt but you refill the Brita so it's almost like you have your life in order
maintenance: *knock knock* maintenance! me: clean the showers or GTFO
Cosmo magazine is all like "Guys made easy" but they're not fooling anyone guys are already easy 😅😃
If you can't afford to take care of your veterans, then don't go to war. #VeteransDay
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it's hard to wake up in time for class every day except today when I'm awake on time and we don't have classes...
girl I do this often often girl I do this often #turnuptuesday #noclassestomorrow #veteransday #thankyouveterans #loveyou #angel
💀 #transformationtuesday #college
i've waited all year for a second chance at finding a duck #duckday
Young man There are leaves all around I said, young man Eat a leaf off the ground
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look at @angelmcavoy and my fishy sleeping on his pedistal 😍😻👑 #cute #fishy #beta #king
to quote the women who shot an elementary school principal in the 70's, "I don't like Mondays"
like you pretentious dicks need 2 realize that having anxiety and depression isn't an image it's a problem and cigarettes are nasty sry bye
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The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.
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people who propose with baby animals are very smart. Anyone can say no to sparkly jewelry but I don't think I could say no to a puppy

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