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Jen's little world
i'm not a princess. this ain't a fairytale. i'm not molting. those ain't scales hidden beneath. i swear
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straining across this great expanse where the weight of the world rests, and the air is thick with crushing emptiness #rishloo
costumer: "are you always this smiley?" me: "sometimes it just gets frozen like this" #workface
i do have to say my favorite part of all this is the people who "are gonna move to Canada" to avoid gay marriage πŸ˜‚shhh don't tell them
i'm loving how excited the internet is #pride it's incredible to have such enthusiastic support #lovewins
where is everyone getting this little rainbow heart emoji...... i want in
congrats America we've taken a step in the right direction today (:
😍πŸ”₯ #fire #pyro #firelove #bonfire #summer
set up a go fund me account in case any blessed souls felt like donating to my college fund PS it's good karma!!
when your ex finds a girl who's prettier than you πŸ˜­πŸ‘½πŸ’© I deserved that
that eraser that only makes things worse
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wine Tuesdays with The Original B.F.F. aka Bailey "Felix" Flynn 🍷@bayfly9696
when the fuck is this pending thunderstorm gonna crack open
mom you know i'm not like the other kids, i'm weird and my pants are too tight
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Scientists discover a new species of spider on the back of your shirt. β€œOh wow. It’s crazy big. Good luck,” their press release reads.
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they both like to lay with their legs flat out behind them like a couple of weirdos #pets #puppy #kitty #silly
And the record begins with a song of rebellion.
I really hate having to do someone else's job for them as well as my own πŸ˜’
i dread the sound of your name because everything that comes after it always pisses me off
"the ultimate book return" I never thought I'd relate to Tastee so much #LibrarianProblems
it's frustrating enough that Game of Thrones ended in a series of cliffhangers but we haven't even seen some characters in several episodes
😍😍😍 #wow #kief #kieftrap #stoner #heart #weed #yum
there's something refreshing about the smell of the air before it rains.. sorta like the trees are excited for a shower
when babe surprises me at work 😍 β˜€οΈit brightens my day
unfortunately Molly chose to make this face but she doesn't have an Instagram so she won't even know #daisy #silly #summer
like i would die for you and you don't even know me.. is that creepy? i'm sorry if it is i can't help it
sometimes I wonder what certain band members/song writers would think of how intensely in love with their soul I am..
To clear up some rumors, I am not missing. I am, however, at coral reef academy in Samoa with Earl. #litterlife
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some of the best revenge you could have on a person is just being naturally hotter than they will ever be
"I finally understand why girls never go to the bathroom alone because remember when Hermione did and got attacked by a troll?" β€” Villanova
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PSA: trains are way quieter and sneaker than you would expect them to be
please don't tell my mom
almost got hit by a train today
when caterpillars walk and all those tiny legs are moving at once it really just looks like a whole lotta effort to go nowhere
I hope this lame weather at least turns into a storm later
praying not to see Game of Thrones spoilers before I can watch the finale πŸ™ˆ
I've just inhaled a sun chip and I think it punctured my lung.. might be dying
canine addition to the family 😍🐢 felines aren't sure how to react yet #puppy #doggie #pets #buddy #bro
you know all that bs people say about it being darkest before the dawn? notice how they fail to mention it's gonna get dark again tomorrow
this sweet little girl at work today was looking at me and goes "you're really pretty" πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š aww it made me blush
I've put myself in the awkward position of being half way through rewatching #OITNB when the 3rd season came out. decision time
"they don't allow gay people on the rapture bus" aw :\ too bad 🚌
Future Jen is really sick of Past Jen leaving the grinder empty

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