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Jen's little world
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I don't think I have one friend that makes any effort to talk to me, I have to talk to them first or we may not even talk for weeks
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boys are crazy man I give up
FUCK THE ICLOUD I'm actually becoming convinced this bullshit doesn't even exist and apple is just fucking with us
the dialogue in Supernatural is the best dialogue of any TV ever and there's no argument
My grandpa knocked over his scotch glass and he said "don't break or else we can't drink anymore and that would be a disaster" 😂
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fuck oxy so far all it's done is make my brain all funky and give me anxiety why do people do this for fun??
come on Brand New I need you to take me back to earth right now
fuck these pain meds I feel insane what's wrong with my head
my new laptop just came in the mail :D so pumped I've never had my own computer before
I left my house today!! Im not even that puffy i just look like i had a bad seizure that left half my face paralyzed
to leave the house like a drugged chipmunk or to stay in bed again..
jk I'm so fucking hungry screw my wisdom teeth holes I NEED REAL FOOD
let's see how long I can go without eating anything besides pudding
sometimes bullshit makes me smile at least
had a dream about missing the school bus.. get outta my dreams school bus I got bigger shit to worry about now
"you can brush your teeth" they said. "just don't spit or rinse" they said.. well what the fuck #fuckwisdomteeth
everything feels heavier than it's supposed to.. like I'm under water
I smell popcorn 😒 really missing solid food right now
so bored that i color coordinated my oil pastels 😒 #oilpastels #rainbow #art #boredasfuck #killme
fuck these pain meds i wanna go somewhere
I find it kind of weird how you find yourself when you have no one 🌙
no one can make me put pants on today
having an excuse to stay in bed all day is pretty great