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Jen's little world
can't wait to be back at school where no one wakes me up when I wanna sleep all day 😒
in the mood for jamming to some of my past favorite bands.. throwback monday
losing him was blue like i'd never known. missing him was dark grey, fading to an absence of light so absolute, i forgot how red once looked
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there is no where safe on tumblr you can go to escape these damn frog memes
sometimes i just do really stupid things and then i'm immediately like why did i do that
just realized it's only two weeks until I see @brandnewrock and now it feels real like holy fuck this is really happening #FREAKING
seawater turned my hair orangey and now I have all these freckles 😳 I'm a temporary ginger 😓
wow the ocean water and sun really drain the color out of my hair 😣 this needs to be fixed
best vacation ever 😊😍☀️ I don't want it to be over..
ride home on the ferry gave us an incredible view of the sunset and the rising full moon 😍☀️🌚🌝 #sunset #ocean #nature #beautiful #colorful #sky
building a Sean castle 💕🏰 #beach #sandcastle #cutie #boo
hoping deep down in my soul for this country to get their act together and vote Bernie Sanders into office
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Mahatma Gandhi
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Now I know what they mean when they say "some feelings are impossible to place"
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The attempt by Republicans to cut off support for Planned Parenthood is an attack on women’s health.
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beach vacation with my boo is wonderful💕☀️ #cuties #adorable #boo
trust me there's always plenty of punk rock @JrRez haha
getting fucked up to @taylorswift13 with my boo 😍😘#twoPersonpartyty
beach vacation with my babe💕☀️ I'm loving this adorable cottage
beautiful view from the ferry 😍🚣 #nofilter #beautiful #nature #ocean #sky
I'm convinced that my mother reads out loud to herself at work because she physically can not stop talking ever
only two more work shifts and one more sleep before vacation with my babe 😍☀️ i can't wait for beach snuggles
Warped Tour love 💕🎉🎶🎤👊🔥#warpedtour #fistofrock #rock #confetti
only 21 more days before I get to see @brandnewrock live in the flesh 😍❗️
so my ex texted me last night 😂🙅GiM
if i balance my bowl of ice cream on my stomach, does that count as a balanced meal?
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watch out or these hotties with new frames 😘😘👓 #hotties #frames #glasses #students #college
turn down for small children
that awkward moment when your ex isn't over your break up two years later... please stop #AWKWARD
this beautiful dragon fern thing I'm growing looks even pretty from the under side but it's harder to get a good picture of :\ #plants #garden #hipster #greenthumb 🌿💕
there's a whole freaking flock of birds chirping outside my window 🙉 uh yes hello
don't hate me cuz you aint me #nofilter needed #nomakeup
wine Tuesday with the bestie 😘🍸🍷
first thing i hear when i wake up this morning is my cat vomiting.. good morning to me
some little shit on a bike just rode by my house yelling "you can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man!!" lol shut up
“I crave your love so deeply because I am empty.”
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People enter our lives for a reason,a season, or a lifetime. We only get disappointed if we try to force relationships beyond their purpose.
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distant thunder rumbling is the perfect background noise for a nap
I have to get up in not enough hours from now to get a full nights sleep.. yet here I am
"I hate this game" -Sean on clothes shopping 😂
anyone else ever get an unexplainable uneasy feeling sometimes that you just can't shake?
*ALMOST* mermaid status I probably need a trim but I'm so close I can taste the salty air #mermaid #longhair #redhead #redish #magenta #firefox
I love sunsets 💕☀️ last night #sunset #beautiful #nature #clouds
friendly reminder that @curtislepore is a rapist and every time you watch his vines you are supporting a rapist

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