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JennyDritt Promotion
You make me a better me. ♥
If life is confusing at times you are living a real life. ♥
One moment I love you and then I hate you and then I love you again. ♥
He is the one. He just doesn't know it yet. ♥
Never let him go. ♥
The sun and moon rise because of love. ♥
I can feel your heartbeat when you hold me. ♥
Tell him that you love him. ♥
My love can not be denied. ♥
A whisper of love is a shout full of feeling. ♥
With all my heart, I share my love with you. ♥
Let's talk about love. ♥
That tear on your face hurts me too. ♥
Love is not coercion. ♥
Love means accepting someone for who they are but helping them to be better. ♥
I'll never fall in love again, but I always do. ♥
Why would someone call me Lovestruck? ♥
Love makes me stronger. ♥
We will always have our LOVE. ♥
Share the LOVE with a RT. ♥
I remember the first time you held my hand. ♥
RT if you like tweets about love. ♥
Give love to get love. ♥
The three most desired words in any language: I LOVE YOU. ♥
You can't make me love you. I either do or don't love you. ♥
Don't mess with my love. ♥
Love will keep us together. ♥
My love for you is private between you and me. ♥
I sing my love for you. ♥
When you are in love the world looks so different. ♥
Making love sounds so much better than just having sex. ♥
What is the big hurry about sex? ♥
I can love you without sleeping with you. ♥
Just because I don't sleep with you, does not mean that I don't love you. ♥
How do you show your love? ♥
If you love someone, do something special for them. ♥
I love it when you do nice things for me. ♥
A simple flower says so much. ♥
Will you come back to me? ♥
Leaving you would drive me crazy. ♥
First Love will be remembered forever. Make sure it's something special. ♥
All forms of love are important. Love of your parents, Love of your lover, and love for your children. ♥
If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right. ♥
If you want the world to be a better place, share your love with the world. ♥
Love is stronger than Hate. ♥