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Jennel Garcia
music artists x factor 325,035 followers
I've got 36 expressions; sweet as pie and tough as leather 😚💪
I've gotten some really awesome gifts in my mail that I've finally seen. Thank you to everyone for the birthday gifts so much. I love you 💛
I think now's a good time for me to start making some healthy new life changes. Any ideas guys?
I'm constantly worrying about things that aren't even things yet.
I'm such a grump pants today 😤😒
@BeaMiller: life is so easy for cute boys this is an outrage”
@DanaMichael_: @JennelGarcia you're my favorite xoxo” you're MY favorite 💛
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The sun is shining! My heart shaped sunglasses are on!! I'm ready to rock n roll!!!
36,000 views in the first few days! Retweet this and let's hit 50,000 tonight!…
Thank you to everyone who's watched @@CTPtheband and I's cover of 'Let It Go' so far and got it on iTunes!…
@rileynlynch: please don't wear a band shirt of a band you don't listen to, you will make me cry.” Amen. 👏👌🙌
Negativity is the #1 thing I try my best to stay away from at ALL times. Be thankful for what you already have!
When the bae dms you. I love you @JennelGarcia Legit fave! Seen her live twice and she doesn't give a f*ck it's great
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Going to bed with a smile on my face :) goodnight!! 💛
"Don't they smell that? I mean, if steak was hiding under my bed, I'd smell it" -@JennelGarcia 😂😂😂😂 wt@DanaMichael_a@arcarreiroeiro
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Our cover of "Let It Go" feat. @JennelGarcia is now on iTunes!!! RT if you've ever seen us perform it in concert :-)…
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You can get @CTPtheband and I's cover of 'Let It Go' on iTunes now! RT this!…
Messaging random people who RT this and my next tweet! Check out the cover of 'Let It Go' I did with @CTPtheband!…
#Latergram but I've been on a Tina Turner and Bette Midler kick lately. I may or may not post another video later today. 😂 #Singing #15secondcover #Poop #Jammin #Poop
@DiGiacco12: @JennelGarcia I still need one of these!!! 💛” I'm actually setting up my webstore today �#10YearsLaterer
I'm obsessed with fairytales. The ones with Prince Charming & enchanted forests! I want one. But one with pirates & rock n roll. Make sense?
RT RT! If you like it you can get our cover of 'Let It Go' on iTunes here!…
RT RT I did a cover of 'Let It Go' with my friends in @CTPtheband and its out RIGHT NOW!…