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Jenna Mourey/Marbles
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“@Courtney: @Jenna_Marbles @dmourey hi boo. Your moms not the only one, two can play at this game xx” haha so epic!
Last night I parked in a Passenger Loading Only zone to get tacos, almost got a ticket. "But I was loading tacos?!" #thestruggleisreal
“@TheRealRyanHiga: Going back to Singapore and Australia next month! Can't wait to see you all again! 💃” see you there 😄🗿🍭
“@JesusLikesGaga: @Jenna_Marbles you misspelled tomorrow” lol touché
It's #sexualwednesday and I'm really trying to not wear pants today, it's for my health. Video will be up later.
If there was a True Life: I have no real pants and can't stop wearing leggings ... I would be the first person on it.
Just in case you forgot how proud of yourself you get when you learn a foreign language…
I feel so awful for him but happy birthday @JulienSolomita !
It was @JulienSolomita 's birthday today and he's been sick in bed with food poisoning all day.
“@D8Clarice: Guess I met @Jenna_Marbles tonight! 👌” aw it was nice to meet you angel friend!
Omg my soul. It's been touched and it hurts so hard because @samsmithworld just blew my absolute mind.
At the @samsmithworld concert ready to emote all the feelings because he sings like an angel sent from heaven.
Blood moon watch: it looks cool, but much cooler on the pictures I googled on the Internet. #sadbloodmoonpicture
Blood moon watch: still kind of looks like a moon.
Without spoiling tonight's "Game of Thrones" episode...I'm pretty sure OJ did it.
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Also, live life today like you're making doodoo butter and no one is listening. #inspiration
The podcast I did with the epic @rhettandlink it was so real. So real.…
“@xo_gigi: @Jenna_Marbles #knuckifyoubuck” I've been knucking and bucking for years and they haven't come back.
Whatever happened to Crime Mob? I miss them introducing themselves in their songs and then calling me a ho.
The perils of buying your dog airport presents when you travel. Just when you thought it didn't have any little beans in it, it does. #riparizonabear
I'll be putting up my #sexualwednesday video later today and then we will lollife together. #giraffes #otters #species