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Jenna Mourey/Marbles
If you have any free moments tonight, send some positive vibes to @Joan_Rivers @MelRivers and family. We love you so much.
Watching my tv bae @QoSBaszler good luck tonight you're a beast machine #UFC177 @ufc
Alright I'm done with the dick songs, sorry for spamming everyone's timelines with my incredibly juvenile sense of humor.
Well that certainly escalated quickly. Let's never speak of this again. #songsthatarebetterwiththeworddick
I'm gonna swing from your diiiiiick From your diiiiiiiiiiiiiiick #songsthatarebetterwiththeworddick
Want you to make me feel like in the only dick in the world. #songsthatarebetterwiththeworddick
@Jenna_Marbles "Look, if you had one dick , or one opportunity, To dick everything you ever wanted." #songsthatarebetterwiththeworddick
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I've been work work work work workin on my diiiaaaahhhkk. #songsthatarebetterwiththeworddick
Also on the list of things @iggypeach managed to accomplish this morning: Dig a hole into a roll of toilet paper.
Heard a commotion from the other room Find 2 month old Peach actually wearing my bra outside. I wish I was kidding
@Jimbo_TheBimbo: @Jenna_Marbles omg how do you get "to the bottom" 😂?? What is the bottom like Jenna?” Dark and lonely.
When ur scrolling thru ur Instagram feed & u get 2 the bottom & it doesnt load any more posts... Make me feel worse about myself Instagram.
Great show this week #YouTube15 on @SiriusXMHits1 it'll play again in 2.5 hours congrats to everyone that was trending *touch nippies*
My favorite song of the week is #comeback by the super hot and amazing @EllaEyre this song is fantastic 🙌 #youtube155@SiriusXMHits11
Congrats to @KurtHSchneider and @AustinPercario for trending this week #YouTube15 with their cover of #fixyou lol Kurt is forever trending
Link to the awesome @Chet_Faker video #gold from this weeks #youtube15 @SiriusXMHits1 ROLLER STRIPPERS (kind of)
@JackJackJohnson: @Jenna_Marbles @SiriusXMHits1 ahhhh thank you so much ☺️” love you guys 💗
Super huge congrats to my girl @IISuperwomanII for trending with #300tshirtrap on #youtube15 on @SiriusXMHits1 💗you come play flip cup 😂
Super sorry I tagged the wrong @JackJackJohnson Halp. I have the dumb. You're on #youtube15 on @SiriusXMHits1
Now playing @jackjohnson @jackgilinsky #coldhearted on #youtube15 @SiriusXMHits1 you guys are so funny on vine 😂 congrats on your music! 👌
Congrats @EllaHenderson for trending this week with #glow on the #youtube15 @SiriusXMHits1 your smokey eye crushes life
I laughed way too hard, it's so juvenile and I don't care. #youtube15 @SiriusXMHits1 😂
Now playing the queen Nicki, have you guys seen this by the way? Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Fart Remix)
So proud of the beautiful @Cimorelliband for trending this week with their cover of Boom Clap on #youtube15 @SiriusXMHits1 💖
In about 30 minutes tune in to this weeks #youtube15 on @SiriusXMHits1 we got some good ones like @IISuperwomanII @jackjohnson @jackgilinsky
spoke to my mom. she was in her backyard feeding apples to some deer. she told me they stand at the fence and wait for her. she's magical. 🍎
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@Mohnish688: @Jenna_Marbles @Halliewag what if there was a koala on that instead” it would be like this #tears
@Halliewag: How much would you pay this stripper @Jenna_Marbles ??” everything.
@mel_hy919: Thank you @Jenna_Marbles for mentioning pole tricks in your video this week!” I would make it rain
Recently learned that if you put your phone in airplane mode while youre charging it it gets so many legs & charges so fast. #lifechanging
@MarsViktor: @Jenna_Marbles in top 100 most retarded people on the internet you are the no. 1.” I agree with that.
@myfantastics: сегодня был самый крутой вечер проведенный с офигенными видео @Jenna_Marbles” ...I only took one year of Russian so...
Idiot crew. #threedogsisalotofdogs