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Jenna Mourey/Marbles
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I got to do an awesome reenactment of what going home for thanksgiving is like called Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving with #CaptainMorgan its up on YouTube on their channel
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ omg fucking slay @shanedawson
Me and @Jenna_Marbles showing off our hair color and skills at being great models for blurry pictures:
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This edit is so sick. Life is too short not to have really exciting hair πŸ˜‚
Like the Captain & Cola in her hand, the Prom Queen is bubbly, sweet and reigns supreme.
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Also this is for the girl whose phone died. The paper with your Twitter name is in my suitcase. Halp.
@charlestrippy was one of the first friends I ever made when I started YouTube and I haven't seen him in years. So good to see you again.
I made a friend @sampottorff #playlist
My king/queen/all of it @tyleroakley πŸ™Œ #playlist #playlistlive #tristate
Repost of #jandrea πŸ’– @andweawussett
Also I'm so sorry @andweawussett that you got hit with this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but thank you to whomever gave me this adorable "Cermet Growing Kit" I'm dying. And my #getlegs poster too! Amazing.
Loved everyone tonight at #playlist #tristate #kickoff and my angel @andweawussett πŸ’—πŸ™Œ
Just geeking out over here because I got a visitor in the yard. ITS SO HANDSOME.
#tbt to the last little one I had to help get to safety after Kermit ripped him out of a bush. Prey drive on fleek.
Just caught the iggys sleeping in a heart. The cuteness is real. #relationshipgoals
Happy birthday to @corybinney yesterday, the moon looked super dopeπŸ˜‚. @arikasato @thegigigorgeous @juliensolomita
Thank you so much LMU for having me tonight, I had such a wonderful time exploring thoughts with you on your quest for education and dear Jenna where am I going with my life. I don't know angel friends, I will never know, but we are all in this big boat of confusion together. Meeting you was such a
I don't always post selfies, but when I do, it's late as fuck while I'm channeling my inner Rihanna and I've kicked half of my lipstick off.