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Insomnia you've become my closest comrade
Let's be honest. This is my GF 😂❤️�
Sometimes I show the worst of myself to the person that I love the most. Because love is unconditional Because love understands
I know they is throwing shade but why would I mind If nobody ever shadows you then how would you shine
Find what you love and let it kill you.
My tweet wasn't really about you. but if the shoe fits, then lace that bitch up and wear it. 💯
Don't fake what you ain't
There's a an owl being loud as hell on my roof right now. I'm trying to sleep you nocturnal bastard. 😑😑
Your life would be so dope if you actually executed half of those Self help quotes you post on IG
Up all night writing music Hello. Love. Heartbreak. #November25th
You put me in my place, and I love it Break my pride like no ones ever done it
Love is like Neverland. Hard to get to but everlasting
Your love sets my heart in motion
If you're not close to me, please do not ask about my relationship and what has happened. Thank You
An ocean poured from my eyes, I convinced you it was more like a puddle"
We didn't break up, we just had to take a break to grow.
Happy Birthday!🎁🎉🎊 Love you and Miss you 😭😔 hope to see you soon.@angela_makola_mako
People will try to break you apart just because you're happy
It's very sad that in the church we are the only army that shoots at our wounded - Mark Driscoll
When your girlfriend spoils the end of a movie for you -.- lol
I been waiting all my life to get to where I’m at So I can’t but wonder if all you want is a check
Childhood demons, even Peter Pan was a fiend
Happy Late Birthday To The Bro @realjacobcola! Got a lil something for you. Gonna shoot in your way when I'm back in Diego in 2 weeks.
Back in Rancho for the week.....Who tryna kick it?
If real recognize real....who the hell are you?
Updating my iPhone... 🙏 Lord Give Me Patience 🙏
Everyone saying they love the new Kendrick Lamar song.... If Lil Wayne did this song instead, you all would have hated it
In San Bernardino for a couple months...... Yup, that's pretty much it
People are asking about my opinion on the whole "Kanye West/Tupac" thing........basically....
Tut-tut it looks like rain ☔️
I live every day like its Taco Tuesday.
Another fine day ruined by “responsibility"
I suppose it'll all make sense when we grow up......
In every walk with nature One receives more then he seeks
Curiosity is the lust of the mind
David Angelo Drake on a $5 Million Bail Looks like the bro won't coming home for a long time.
"I see Torri dancing and I'm just like, 'If she can do it, I can do it.'" – @dannycanales
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Creative mind, open heart.... Yet, hesitations with dreams and where to start
David Angelo Drake arrested on a $855,000 bond. Assult & Rape........ I need to pick my friends better......I really do.