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✨ʝαℓιѕα кαѕѕαм✨
I never thought you could hurt me this much... I guess now I know what happens when you trust people
I think I really learned this past week who's really there for me and who I can really trust. Had to go through shit to see it but whatever
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"Sunday funday" my ass. I haven't had fun today.
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Lol the only person I could talk to about this couldn't care less
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If I die in my sleep, you can actually say that I died doing what I loved.
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Best feeling ever: Waking up and seeing you still got a couple hours to sleep.
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"Hey" , "Hey" , "How r u" , " Good u" , "Good", "What r u doing", "nothing u" , "nothing", Retweet if you hate these convos.
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I'm done taking that shit... NO ONE hurts my friends like thAt
I love it when I hear lyrics that apply to my current situation.
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My jealousy means I actually give a shit about you.
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The 4 Canadian seasons: Almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. #CanadianProblems
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Damn @annamsandor and @allisonbethell scared the fucking shot outta me n @_AlexxDawgg my heart is still racing!! 😱😰😖👿😑😵
That's the icing on the cake
MY WARDROBE: 20%: don't fit 50%: too ugly 10%: worn it too many times 20%: pyjamas
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Dinner wiff mah babiess @janieivory @_AlexxDawgg @_PamilerinAkin and Sami 😘❤👍😊
Happy birthday gaybaby!!! @GabbyTraxler scrubs forever #scrublife hope you had a great day 😘😘❤
The only reason why I get jealous is because remember we started off as friends too.
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I was so looking forward to this workout...
Mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly
the songs they did in the glee season finale >>>
No offense but, you know I don't give a shit right?
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It's so insane, cause when it's going good it's going great
My sister is da bestest for getting my las palmas!! Except she's eating it all now lol jk @celinak1313
@ShakespeareSong: With what art thou twerking?” @tamarabrisibe 😏😏
We doth raise our hands as if the roof were unable to enclose us.
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That moment when you realize you have no more classes the rest of the day>>>>
I hate when teachers complain about having so much work to grade... We had to do it. You're just checking it. Suck it up.
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I'm always gonna love and miss #SirAlex but i'm excited to see how David Moyes does
I dont know what my life would be without sparknnotes.
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