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Jeff Jackson
A poverty mindset destroys futures before they even have a chance.Its destruction can be passed frm generation 2 generation. @TrishCrossley
When you have clear eyes, you will have a full heart and at that moment you can't lose. #ItStartsWithMe
Realize the enemy's motives. He wants your life to be terrible. #ItStartsWithMe
When the enemy throws something in your direct line of vision, look away. #ItStartsWithMe
We must have eyes that are aware of the traps of the enemy; we must have bouncing eyes. #ItStartsWithMe
"The presence of human sin has been constant, but God’s ability to bring better things..." via @newspring
A moment of being uncomfortable for you could lead to total life change for someone else. #itstartswithme
When you give back to God, He may not do something immediately, but eventually He’ll do more than we can imagine. #YourMoney
God can use whatever we give back to Him for His glory. #YourMoney
The best way to get close to Jesus is to get close to what’s already on His heart. #YourMoney
We can’t be servants of Jesus if we’re serving MasterCard, Visa, and American excess. #YourMoney
The local church is the greatest investment on the planet. #YourMoney
This lady #newspring #yourmoney
This guy!!!!! #newspring #yourmoney
Jesus isn't something to keep secret like grandmas fried chicken recipe. #yourmoney
If Jesus isn't Lord of all, eventually he won't be Lord at all. #YourMoney
The thing about fishing is, it's all about the numbers. Who goes fishing for only one or two fish? #YourMoney
What is your Next Step. Everyone has a next step. Stop by and talk to one of our volunteers today yo talk about yours. #newspring #yourmoney #nextsteps
You don't need a master's in theology, you simply need the boldness to let people know they are invited. #newspring #itstartswithme
one man just drove the ball about 70 yards on the #gamecocks #carolina has to do better
Growth in our understanding and knowledge of God is necessary to our growth in understanding and knowledge of ourselves.
Christians be like, "THROW DAT PRAYER IN A CIRCLE!!!!". #yourmoney
One of the best ways to defeat Satan is to surround yourself with people who love Jesus. #yourmoney
Thinking our understanding of a situation is clearer than God's, that we have all the information, is prideful. #yourmoney
Never measure life by your last mistake but my the next blessing God has you set up for. #yourmoney
All the things you hate about yourself, those are the exact things God is going to use to change the world. #yourmoney
Jesus wants to use your life to impact and influence the world around you so start looking up. #ItStartsWithMe
Evangelism isn't for the experts. #ItStartsWithMe itstartsand it starts with you.
It's not up to us to save people. Jesus saves. We just get to tell people about it. #ItStartsWithMe
God has put you on earth not by accident, but on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. #newspring #YourMoney
If you don't like loud music during worship, you are gonna hate heaven.
When we associate holiness with striving to be perfect, we’ll always end up frustrated and discouraged. #YourMoney
Blessing those who have wronged us is a reflection of Jesus’ character. #YourMoney
We are to guide and watch over newer Christians and lead by example as servants of Jesus Christ. #yourmoney
I see you @newspringwrshp I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!
God uses broken people to make huge changes not only to lead others to him but to show his power and grace for his glory. #yourmoney
God doesn't want to use a future version of you to do great things. He wants to use YOU!! #yourmoney
God saves people in his time, NOT ours. #newspring #yourmoney
Feb 28th 2013, I took my #nextstep by attending Ownership Class and started serving others. If your Next Step is ownership class, then go to and sign up today. #newspring #yourmoney
It's impossible to follow Jesus and not give him management of #yourmoney
Life is like a game of monopoly. At the end of the game, it all goes back in the box. #newspring #throwback #yourmoney
I'm all about dat faith bout dat devil. #yourmoney
Rather than responding with judgment and condemnation, we can speak truth in love, just as Jesus did. #yourmoney
When we are firmly rooted in Christ we are eager to share what Jesus has done, not what others are doing wrong. #yourmoney
Everyone has a different pace in their walk with Jesus. It's vital that we walk them through each step, not drag them. #newspring #nextsteps
We should focus more on the quality of a person's heart and less on the quality of their Facebook page.
Everyone’s life would be better if Jesus were at the center. #YourMoney
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God is taking over Twitter and I like it
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