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Jeff Jackson
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Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone that loves you enough to help you unpack.
You ever have one of those days that was just a waste of clean clothes?
I used to wake up to cute texts, now I just wake up to 100% battery
Ok that was either some random fireworks or another tribute is dead
Someone told me not to fall in love cuz I might get hurt. I replied don't live cuz you might die.
I can't wait to see what movie North Korea allows my family to see this Christmas
When love tells you it dares you to cross a line, look love in the face and say..... I do dare!!!!
Trying to find someone that completes you is like finding that booger you flicked with the lights off
Tbh I panic every time I know I'm gonna have to pronounce Worcestershire sauce.
What if there are like 10 chameleons in my room I don't know about?
Did you know the improper fraction hotline is open 24/7?
"If only I had checked myself."-Guy who wrecked himself
#808 for those of you who don't know
New 90 mix featuring Toxicmid, DJ Beaner from Florida and DJ Protocol from Oregon. Hope you guys like it.
NYEDM will be a blast....come see me blow the roof off of Oxygen Lounge to bring in the New Year along with...
Payday... Lost 20 lbs....gonna be a good day...
The harder you walk away from Gods plan for you, the more he will do whatever he has to do to bring you back.
There's gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringin.... If my burglar alarm starts ringin
Let me walk upon the waters where ever you would call me
Lost all my Pokemon cards in a house fire last all I have is Ash
Some girl got her nose pierced at the Wild Wing's last night.... I suck at darts.
A clinched fist could never defeat an open heart.
Thanks for all the love last week. Made my night to see Greenwood digging some 808.
Tonight my prayers are with #Ferguson .
Your reputation is what people think about you. Your character is who you are.
Just uploaded "Electric Easter" as a Cloudcast to @mixcloud… Listen up!
This girl just looked surprised when I told her that her eyebrows were drawn on too high.
Oh you know...just chill in with Rick Ross eatin pears.
God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
It was late. I needed coffee. Had coffee. This happened. #808…
I promise a new mix is coming...TODAY...but in the meantime enjoy this banger from this summer
Our humility, love and praise are more to God than a pair of not-so tidy whiteys.
The danger in arrogance is when our own importance overshadows God and His true goodness
Perseverance will lead to character. Character will lead to hope, and hope never disappoints.
We go through what we go through so we can develop perseverance.
Every tough time is an opportunity to experience God’s faithfulness in a new way #atthemovies
One way to hear from God and be more sensitive to His presence is by reading the Bible #AtTheMovies
Nobody minds hearing our opinions on food, but let’s be real. It gets tense when we talk about our passion for Jesus #AtTheMovies
God doesn’t want to be our “get out of jail free” card; He wants a relationship with us #AtTheMovies
God surrounds those far from Him with clues and signals that He wants a relationship with them through Jesus #AtTheMovies
Desperation in dating always leads to destruction. #AtTheMovies
Sometimes I be thinkin
shout out to my beautiful daughter @heathermj_96