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Jeff Jackson
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You can affect the lives of people around you like no one else on earth can.
The larger our egos become, the less we believe that we need a savior
The cost of not having a relationship with Jesus is far too great a price to pay for earthly distractions.
I think this Sunday is the Sunday that @TheSmittyEffect and myself worship together and go ham during a service
Is it Sunday yet?
My life is proof that Jesus can polish anything. #emptytomb
The Church cannot be concerned with maintaining an image of perfection if we want to obey Jesus.
can't wait for the @perrynoble reference to this Carolina game.
All of #newspring Columbia will be in the Care Room this Sunday.
Well I sure picked a bad day to start watching college football. Someone let the #gamecocks know they have a game today
Jesus has never been afraid to embrace the controversy of associating with the wrong crowd.
Profanity isn’t the only word abuse we’re guilty of; it’s just the easiest to spot.
Daaaang...what kind of mod is he using? #vape #vapelife
Everyone is getting involved #icebucketchallenge
That moment when it hits you. I am Barabbas.
Our imperfections aren't projects to fix, but opportunities to see a miracle.
I've decided I'm not gonna try to get back down to my original weight. After all, 6lbs 9oz. is a lil unrealistic
so excited that @dan_lian is going to be bringing God's word at Fuse next week. What a blessing. #emptytomb
If Jesus had said the things he said yet stayed in the tomb, it would be meaningless. Instead, the tomb is empty.
We were born with selfish, sinful hearts. As followers of Jesus we must attack the sin in our lives aggressively.
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At NewSpring we believe that Growing People Change and that everyone has a Next Step. If baptism is your next step, we want to help you take that step. September 7th we are having our biggest baptism celebration ever!!! To sign up, visit
Jesus never asked anyone to "get right" before they knew him. He always met them in the middle of their mess. #emptytomb
#emptytomb #ilovemychurch #heaintinthere #newspring #nextsteps
Asking for a sign shows that we’ve decided to not believe that God can provide. When we are in that place, a sign will not change our minds.
We will never see the reality of what God is doing when we are constantly asking Him to prove Himself.
Jesus wants to speak to us before He speaks through us. #Newspring #emptytomb #ilovemychurch
Too often, we’ll spend our time asking God to prove Himself through signs instead of positioning ourselves to trust God completely.