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Jeff Gordon
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Wow never been so frustrated & confused trying to qualify for a race. Not the way we intended to start the weekend.
Thx 4 a great time #JeffGordonVIP guests. Enjoyed hanging out at @TalladegaSuperS. Info at
Thx 4 a great time #JeffGordonVIP guests. Enjoyed hanging out at @TalladegaSuperS. Info at
Thx 4 a great time #JeffGordonVIP guests. Enjoyed hanging out at @TalladegaSuperS. Info at
Thx 4 a great time #JeffGordonVIP guests. Enjoyed hanging out at @TalladegaSuperS. Info at
The @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy finishes today's practices P33 & P4 at @TalladegaSuperS. Race preview posted at #NASCAR #Team24
Thx again everyone. It's going to be a crazy elimination race at @TalladegaSuperS, but @Drive2EndHunger #Team24 is ready. #launchCKP
Visit & vote on which school(s) you'd like 2 see win a $5,000 @campuskitchens grant from @Drive2EndHunger. #launchCKP
This has been fun. Thx to everyone who submitted questions & your support for @Drive2EndHunger & #Team24. You all are the best. #launchCKP
A15 It's really so rewarding to know that any of us can make a difference in someone else's life. That motivates me. @King1948246 #launchCKP
Q15 @King1948246: What feeling overcomes you after helping someone in need & what motivates you to keep helping those in need? #launchCKP
A14 The chemistry was always there. We have great confidence in each other. Think this car suits my driving style. @JamieBelvin24 #launchCKP
Q14 @JamieBelvin24: What do you think has changed from last year to this year with the chemistry between Alan Gustafson and you? #launchCKP
A13 Salmon & vegetables or rice is my go to pre-race meal. @hmcanova #launchCKP
Q13 @hmcanova: What do you eat the day before a race? #launchCKP
A12 I think a lot of people don't know so many Americans face hunger issues. This shouldn't be a problem in US. @bryanmeekins #launchCKP
Q12 @bryanmeekins: You are involved in many charities, what was your reason for getting involved w/ @AARPCares' @Drive2EndHunger? #launchCKP
A11 I think working w/ groups like @Drive2EndHunger & @campuskitchens. We can help w/ not only $, but volunteering. @BB_Womack #launchCKP
Q11 @BB_Womack: When it comes to ending senior hunger, what do you think is #1 thing Americans can do to solve this problem? #launchCKP
Q10 @bobbysobad: What is the fastest you've ever driven, Jeff? #launchCKP
A9 I'm going to leave that one up to @NASCAR & the fans. What do you think? @BrentWright24 #launchCKP
Q9 @BrentWright24: Do you think races should be longer, shorter or stay the same? #launchCKP
A8 I would have to say the @Drive2EndHunger million meal packing event in Charlotte & the recent event @limerockpark. @racrboi90 #launchCKP
Q8 @racrboi90: Which @Drive2EndHunger event do you remember the most over the last 4 years? #launchCKP
A7 I like watching @F1, @WorldofOutlaws, @nfl go @49ers, @NBA, @letour. I looked up 2 guys like Steve Kinser & AJ Foyt. @NC_Herb #launchCKP
Q7 @NC_Herb: What sports besides @NASCAR do you enjoy watching/playing? Any favorite athletes or athletes that inspired you? #launchCKP
A6 Retirement isn't on my radar. I'm focused on performing my best for #Team24 & going after another championship. @Sisie24 #launchCKP
Q6 @Sisie24: Are the rumors about your retirement true? #launchCKP
Q5 @ColMcReavy: What did it mean for you to have on your bumper for race @kansasspeedway & @CLTMotorSpdwy? #launchCKP
A4 @campuskitchens students eliminating food waste & turning that into meals will make a huge impact in community. @Mason_Dining #launchCKP
Q4 @Mason_Dining: How do you think @campuskitchens can make an impact on hunger in the US, especially in older adults? #launchCKP
A3 I hope that I can help raise awareness 4 @Drive2EndHunger so others have the opportunity to join in & help. @julie_kaminski #launchCKP
@JeffGordonWeb Wouldn't it be great if #DTEH did more 'Ride with Jeff' campaigns so people can have their name on the hood. #LaunchCKP
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Q3 @julie_kaminski: How do you think your career can help those struggling with food insecurity? #launchCKP
A2 After visiting @CK_UGA w/ @Drive2EndHunger I was amazed by the work students were doing & their passion 2 help. @alwaysshowjoy #launchCKP