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Jeff Gerstmann
…have the last two months on the internet been Frog Fractions 2?
Shooting a @giantbomb QL and this entire building is vibrating
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Plus @jeffgerstmann & @fiddlecub are coming on to talk about GameSpot's eight 10/10s. Should be interesting. 2PM Pacific on GameSpot
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I have not played enough Borderlands to review it, but the Jack-focused story and low-grav mechanics have been fairly off-putting so far.
...a bit hard to deal with. It's weird, the sorts of things that'll set you off about someone you've lost.
Looks like Walking Dead is back tonight. My dad had become a big fan, and the idea that he's no longer here to see it is still...
Too much traffic to leave the office, the prez is in town. Thanks, Obama.
We'll be live with Unprofessional Fridays for premium members shortly:
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I know people are all like "aw yeah Divekick on PS4 or Xbox" or whatever but the Japanese PSN store got mothereffing Karate Champ this week.
Other than that this is just Windows 8.1 with a start menu instead of a start screen. That's what you all wanted anyway, right?
As a Windows Insider I can give you the hot scoop that every time I shut down I get an Explorer error. Keep it a secret, I'm an insider!!!
Need to check one last online thing before publishing a Driveclub review and their servers have been down all day.
Today’s favorite email subject line:
Activision and Harmonix should get the band back together, and announce “The Guitar Hero: A Rock Band Adventure.” A gritty reboot, natch.
If they keep remaking all of these little music games, eventually someone’s going to re-have the “what if we had plastic instruments?” idea.
Or a re-recording of Marky Mark’s “You Gotta Believe.” Either or.
I love that the blog post from Shawn Layden says “you gotta believe” in it, almost daring people to start yelling for a new Parappa.
Aww, the key scammers are (very slowly) learning. It's adorable!
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Hello, we're getting ready for Unprofessional Fridays, a Weekly Show for Premium Members, over here.
OK, enough fucking around on twitter, I should... get back to this driving game.
Anyway, I think the thing I’m most thankful of is getting out of that “YOU ARE A REVIEWER KEEP REVIEWING” position I was in years ago.
Not that readers should care about the personal lives of game reviewers, obviously. But at some point you gotta handle your business.
The way readers always got angry/restless when a review was even a day late did something to me through my 20s and much of my 30s.
In other words, I’m not playing Driveclub right now because I have to make an appointment to get my taxes done.
I’m finally getting a little bit better at at least trying to juggle both.
I always get trapped in this weird guilt loop of not wanting to handle my personal business at the expense of work business.
Today has been a real “handle my business” sort of day so far. As a serial procrastinator this feels weirdly good.
NES emulator that runs inside of an Oculus Rift world where you are riding a roller coaster forever.
All the ello talk reminded me that I was paying for an account that I never used, so I went ahead and canceled that.
I'm the Walter Krunkite of these roller coasters.
I challenged @jeffgerstmann to see who could get further in Mario 3 while we were on a roller coaster. Video:…
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Or, to put it in a way that has some actual detail to it...
This is the really dumb thing we were talking about back in August.…
You joked about it, but Steam actually has just given devs the ability to curate which Curators appear on our Store pages.
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Hello there my name is @jeffgerstmann and I'm *removes face to reveal a puppy wearing cool shades* a Windows Insider.
Cutting it a little close!
If there's one thing I've learned in this business, it's that companies pulling ads over editorial content always ends super well.
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I feel like Forza Horizon 2 should tie into its “festival” more often. Like races where I’m smuggling moon rocks in and outrunning the cops.
This week’s podcast is live. Felt good to get back at it.
“retro hot hatch” *pukes*
When it comes to racing games, no term is filthier-sounding than “hot hatch.” I wish they’d all stop saying it, I’m trying to play at work!