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Jeff Gerstmann
@jeffgerstmann also on the CBS radio app that I use to listen to breaking news. Always weird to hear you right before Obama speaks.
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It feels good and a bit subversive to get out and talk about Velvet Sundown to unsuspecting radio listeners. Last week was KI Season 2.
Got last week’s GB Gaming Minute up on the site. These now air on something like 40 different CBS Radio affiliates.…
It's time to take a moment and rediscover the true meaning of Ford Truck Month.
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Apps on the 360 went and got weird while you weren't looking.
One great American institution meets another?…
RT if you've ever eaten food. I'm trying to prove to my dog that no one eats food.
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It certainly doesn't help that I don't especially care about the competitive multiplayer in Destiny, so those three maps hold little value.
3 missions, 3 MP maps, 2 strikes (one exclusive to PS4), a raid, and enough gear to support a new level cap of 32 doesn't sound like much.
I'm sure people hanging onto the old consoles are bummed, but I'm OK with the idea that Dying Light is going current-gen and PC only. Focus!
@jeffgerstmann I did a quick search for you to read your tumblr, and I can only apologise for what Bing has done...…
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does drive club work yet dot com slash bonkers
Tiger Genocide is a pretty messed up concept, when you think about it.
With 4 days of constant live streaming coming to an end the @giantbomb team raised an absolutely incredible $185,583!
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Oh, I would be remiss not to mention, the Giant Bomb community streaming hub for Extra Life!
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I was thinking of streaming some games for Extra Life. 24 hours seems like a good number. Come check it out:
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Just dressed up my dog in a dinosaur costume at $7500. We’ll do a shark at $10K. Let’s do it for @ExtraLife4Kids.
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I know it’s supposedly more private, but using my thumbprint to authorize me buying a sandwich feels kinda Big Brother-y.
@jeffgerstmann This is the Dr Tracksuit sign people have been talking about made by me. Also this one.
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@jeffgerstmann Just saw another #PushDrTracksuit sign. Thank you for getting Giant Bomb crap on my wrestling crap.
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Went back and played a little Tron 2.0. It had some interesting ideas and a lot of style, but the execution... real rough.
Method Man and Redman's Blackout contains three consecutive songs in which Method Man references Jabberjaw.
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We just knew we wanted to get something related to recent releases up today for people. Borderlands QL up soon, too.
We’re running this week’s Unprofessional Friday as a free archive since it deals entirely with the PlayStation TV. Not a regular show.
Hi. My name’s Jeff and me and my friends have some feelings about recent events.…
We’re going to check out the Vita TV on Unprofessional Fridays this week.
"Millionaires started in late Summer 2007 "as an accident" when sisters Melissa and Allison Green used GarageBand."
Half of this office has expressed the opinion that they’d rather listen to ICP than Brokencyde. The other half has not yet weighed in.
…have the last two months on the internet been Frog Fractions 2?
Shooting a @giantbomb QL and this entire building is vibrating
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Plus @jeffgerstmann & @fiddlecub are coming on to talk about GameSpot's eight 10/10s. Should be interesting. 2PM Pacific on GameSpot
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I have not played enough Borderlands to review it, but the Jack-focused story and low-grav mechanics have been fairly off-putting so far.