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Jeff Gerstmann
I feel like Forza Horizon 2 should tie into its “festival” more often. Like races where I’m smuggling moon rocks in and outrunning the cops.
This week’s podcast is live. Felt good to get back at it.
“retro hot hatch” *pukes*
When it comes to racing games, no term is filthier-sounding than “hot hatch.” I wish they’d all stop saying it, I’m trying to play at work!
Should’ve just gone with Windows 11. Then they’d be higher than Apple!
I reviewed @Swery65's weird-ass D4. If you own an Xbox One, it's something you should probably play.…
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Giant Bomb premium members! We are about to go live with the finale of Metal Gear Scanlon. Come join the chat:
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holy shit. "push doctor tracksuit" sign on #raw. (cc: @jeffgerstmann )
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Chat is live for the morning show. We're going to be joined by @AlexaRayC again today! Horray!
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Forza Horizon 2 features polygonal crowds and I almost wish they'd doubled down on cardboard crowd technology as a goof or something.
Did anyone ever Photoshop the Perfect Dark Zero wall guy into Forza 5's crowd of cutouts? If not, there's a year-too-late idea for you.
Haven't really played much of anything since I've been out. Currently planning to be back on Monday, will probably dive deeper into Forza.
Can't tell if I'm avoiding its main storyline because it's boring or because the side stuff is so much more interesting and dynamic.
I'm guessing Shadow of Mordor has jumped to the front of some Game of the Year lists over the past few days. It's got some very cool ideas.
Perhaps that sounds cold, but “help Steam fix its cluttered store for free” isn’t really high on my list these days.
Ultimately that thing is only really worth our time if people click through to our videos/reviews, I guess.
Someone recommended a “if anyone ever asks to be recommended, never recommend them” policy for that page, which sounds like a decent idea.
I’m still not sure if the Steam Curator system is worth our time or not, but if you want to experiment with us, here:…
Steam chat spam from developers trying to get us to use the new curation system to recommend their game. Fun.
I stupidly thought that writing an obituary would be really easy.
What if all this email spam is real and people are ordering like 1500 background checks on me every day?
My dad died last week. I don't really have anything to say about this publicly other than that I really don't recommend it.
The journeys at the mall didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose the journeys at the mall.
Well there's your problem!
Faced with sitting here grumbling through a flight delay or grumbling while making fake wrestler stats go up, I might as well play the game.
The people who stop non-stop trash about mobile games must never poop or have to take airplanes anywhere.
Couldn't get a photo but I was returning my rental car this morning and the guy behind me looked like @VinnyCaravella with a big fake beard.
This has also been a good reminder that I still don't know how I'm supposed to invite people to Xbox One games with that silly snapped app.
Short version: It's the same, but in a game with thin content, you might as well get the one with bonus map and strike, if you're able.
There we go, relaunched the game and it seems to be working now. Will probably update review to account for Xbox One version in a day or two
Is the Xbox One version of Destiny currently busted? Messing around with it, haven't seen another player yet, matchmaking doesn't complete.
Chachi Lagunas, inventor of the organic hackey sack.
Makes you think that the ones who were always the most caustic and belligerent about games might be caught up in other Internet Bullshit.
It's weird but nice, in a way. Typically the ratio is way more in favor of anger when any "big" game gets middling scores.
Noticing that even people who like Destiny are commenting that they basically agree with middling reviews instead of lashing out in anger.
Dudes at the airport excitedly yelling about revolutionizing cloud computing in a way that makes me think they're heavy cocaine users.
Here’s one last dumb thing from PAX for premium members: Dan & Alex rehearsing their wrestling junk.…
I bet a tell-all, blow-by-blow book about Destiny’s path to market would be pretty fascinating.
I think I also hit a point of “oh god, I just don’t care enough about phones” again. I’ll probably just get one when they’re easy to buy.
Decided against pre-ordering a phone last night, they’re always so unclear about how to change providers while pre-ordering.
iPhone 6+ size compared with the Playstation Vita. In other words: Too Big.
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Parts of Destiny feel like a man in a suit said “kids love the MMOs, put in that stuff” without understanding how or why that stuff exists.