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Jeff Gerstmann
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We’ll have a live show tonight, should start in like 3 hours. Only premium members could RSVP to attend, but everyone can watch the stream!
Good of whoever made that image to say "our hobby," giving the appearance of sanity shared by those racists that say "our America."
"A list of hypocrites who want to ruin our hobby" guys I have been saying this about @giantbomb for fucking years.
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Hello Seattle, we are open for business and currently accepting new patients starting Sunday, August 31.
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In one PAX email thread I have people sending spreadsheets about a "run of show” and “street teams." In the other, wrestling-themed threats.
I always watch giant bombs content naked ;) @jeffgerstmann
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Oh god PLEASE let us send you meaningless crap about the stupid pictures of food your asshole friends are taking!
Sorry, guys. I just… I just bought a video game. Well… “video game."
What about the time when I bought a CD-i and then planned to run a CD-i live stream after we get back from PAX? Villainous?
@jeffgerstmann I'm going to need a complete sexual history before I can answer that question
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@jeffgerstmann I think that puts you firmly in the wildly unpredictable and dangerous Chaotic Neutral camp, Jeff.
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Pulling for Chaotic Good, to be honest.
Where does me paying $300 of my own money for a lifetime Star Trek Online account put me on today’s new Game Journalist Alignment Scale?
Do you think anyone ever actually said “man, you know what inFamous needs? Combat arena challenges!?"
We’re also having a membership sale for new signups. Here’s details on that and what we’re doing at PAX this weekend.…
The new “GBeast” design is up in the store. Also, a bunch of older shirts are on sale for 10 bucks right now.
I should probably start thinking about PAX. It’s happening soon, right? Oh, you say we’re putting on two separate shows? Yeah, OK, I’ll… uh.
If you're looking for solid "wake up mad at the world and ready to fight the fight" techniques, that one works.
Every morning I wake up to a radio DJ that refers to his show/program as a "showgram" and when I hear him say that I wanna punch my radio.
Back in my house for the first time since the earthquake. Looks like everything's fine/not broken.