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Jeff Fowle
Nope, I'm not over seas...busy farming and making hay. @kennyv777 @Whameedoodle @andrew7wiese @newsjean
Orchard grass one day after cutting...curing nicely. #Hay14
LOL! MT @Whameedoodle: @andrew7wiese @newsjean @JeffFowle Would fit bill of being potential enemy to #DPRK on many levels.
Calling it a day...1/2 barn full.
My helper says the orchard grass is ready to cut. #ranchlife #Hay14
Dishes done, son in bed...enjoying a beer on the deck.
My son told me to look at my hands...guess my tools have been used today. #ranchlife #Hay14
Yep, fired up the BBQ & enjoyed the breeze. :-) RT @jerseylady1: @JeffFowle Yup,looks like it is time to pack it in for the night
No, thunder storm. :-) RT @TomBrightCrop: @JeffFowle is that a Tornado Jeff?
I'm thinking it's a good thing the swather broke down and I didn't start cutting hay. #Hay14 #ranchlife
A beautiful end to a day of loading hay, solving technical issues for both sets of parents & caring…
I liked a @YouTube video That's Enough - ("Let it Go" Parody)
Ahhh...the morning after a much needed rain. #ranchlife
Unbelievable...there is actually water coming off the roof. #celebrating #ranchlife
Note to self: Make sure you're not pounding a post into an ant hill....didn't realize what I had done until they were doing laps on my neck.
It was very enjoyable :-) RT @firetroll: @JeffFowle OK you win for having the best day of all.
Pairs moved to greener pasture and doing a bit of preventative fence maintenance.
Last pass with the pivot before dry down and start of #Hay14.
Quick stop while changing water to thank a resident rodent control officer.