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Jeff Elder
Braveheart, smart wallet. (I'm a Scot, by heritage.)
Maybe I 'm dumb, but I think this is sharp.
Running Oracle is like Hurd n Catz.
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Oracle's new co-CEOs: Safra Catz and Mark Hurd. Larry Ellison to take over role of CTO. Developing story:
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Big news: Oracle founder Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO. Story to come on
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732 arrests of NFL players since 2000.…
Airbnb confirms finance chief Andrew Swain has left and a search for a new CFO is underway. High-profile opening inside a top IPO candidate
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Cops say NFL player broke his wife's nose when he head-butted after she repelled sexual advances, AZ paper
There's an 80% Chance Scotland Will Stay Part of the UK, per Betting Sites…
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iTunes locked up and crashed my Mac. THANKS BONO
Some of my best friends have been sandwiches.
Lunch salad, with your super power to rationalize everything else I do all day.
Now hiring: The @cannabist is looking for a marijuana-focused sex columnist. Apply here by Oct. 1:
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every body reading their twitter stream today
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I don't know if flu shots work or not, but when I don't get one I have fear of missing out. FLUMO
Love in the time of iOS “@ahmed: Saudi would-be groom asked to offer iPhone 6 as dowry…
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Lunchtime at this salad place playing 80s hits, and that's great because I'm hungry like the wolf.
My Twitter list of San Francisco People includes 650 Bay Area tweeps I could not live Twitter without.…
Exactly how long have U2 been forcing their music on us for?!
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Sometimes I'll accidentally type something with caps lock on, and leave it. SCREW IT LET'S PRETEND I REALLY CARE.
In which Palo Alto is ranked No. 5 most livable city in US, despite $1M median home price.… HT @KQEDnews
Holy smokes, a car just drove INTO the Comstock Saloon
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Tweets today about @UrbanOutfitters: 33,659. Tweets today about 3 schools on lockdown after shooting 15 miles from Kent State: 96.
Sing the body investment: A revealing look at where venture capital is going, by body part, from brain to skeleton.
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Who knew? Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and John Hancock were not at the Constitutional Convention at Philly in 1787.
"I worked out really hard, so I should get to have chips, which are just corn, and salsa, which is vegetables." And so it begins.
I would so love a MadBum grand slam right now. #SFGiants #BeatLA
Totally what we don't need. #Giants know how to handle playoff atmosphere. #Dodgers don't seem to have a clue.
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Maybe #Apple shouldn’t have let their livestream crew also run the #iPhone preorder release.
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"Amelie" is one of the great movie soundtracks.
CBS drops Rihanna as Thursday NFL opener amid Ray Rice scandal.…
You don't have to use punctuation when you text a close friend. As opposed to business text.
Somewhere, an Apple Watch is complaining that I have sat too much today.
When you see someone from your personal life at a work thing and you both look at each other like, "Is this a dream?"
Lenny Kravitz to Scarf Guy: Oh, that's cute. I remember my first scarf. #scarfguy #AppleLive
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This giant plastic rabbit is a bigger draw than the world’s most popular museum exhibition
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Seems like a miss that Apple Watch is not available until early 2015, after holiday shopping season. Pushed back I guess?
Apple's payment service could give nascent NFC technology a big shot in the arm:… via @WSJ
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Bono announces "Songs of Innocence," U2's first album in 5 years. Tim Cook puts it on iTunes for FREE.
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Somewhere someone watching the Apple Watch through Google Glass is frowning.