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Jeff Elder
Genius is cheap. Give me some craftsmanship.
Guy finds money on the street, buys a lottery ticket, wins a million bucks.…
Google bus wistfully eyes Burning Man bus on Monday morning. #sf
If it moves but it shouldn't: Duct tape. If it doesn't move, but it should: WD40. Everything else is under Settings.
Joyful, joyful, joyful, as only dogs know how to be happy with only the autonomy of their shameless spirit. -- Pablo Neruda
Airborne plant bike
My Southern mom just used the word lagniappe, which was a lagniappe in itself.
"It hasta be Shasta" reads '50s (?) sign on wall for "California orange soda." Note boy in spacesuit with gun. #sf
"You wanna hear about the 50s, kid? I'll tell ya about the 50s." The grand old cars of Potrero Hill speak to me. #sf
"You want to hear about the 50s, kid? I'll tell you about the 50s."
85 years before Tim Lincecum there was a pitcher for the Tigers named Lil Stoner. #sfgiants
NSA can keep Hoovering up your phone records, court says in a ruling you can't read.…
Stanford study: “Whites exposed to evidence of racial privilege responded by claiming their own personal hardships”…
OH: "All the Burning Man people are gone next week, so I'm figuring out the crowded places I'll be able to get into." #SF
The NYT obituary for Darryl Dawkins, known to fans as the NBA’s lovable "Chocolate Thunder"
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I don't know how to think about a world where Instagrams don't have to be square.…
US and British officials decided earlier this year that a hacker needed to die. with @margaretwsj and @damianpaletta
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Princess Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient without gloves, a profound gesture at the time, 1991.
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May your Tuesday beam with pride and joy like a raccoon in a tuxedo! From reddit.… @darth
The FBI snooped on sci-fi great Ray Bradbury because he was outspoken against McCarthyism.…
Two unconfirmed reports of suicides due to #AshleyMadisonHack says Acting Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans at Aug24 press conference ^sm
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BIG NEWS: A wolf pack was spotted in California for the 1st time in nearly a century. Pic by @CaliforniaDFW
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The Dow should hire the woman who crash-landed the plane.
When did @SFBART start putting ads on the schedule signs? #sf
Speckled beauty #dogs
Stylish Chevys classy-chassis my neighborhood like statues of godly antiquity. #sf
The same people must own the stylish Chevys in my neighborhood, where they classy-chassis the streets like statues of godly antiquity. Impala #cars
This store has a separate escalator for your shopping cart.
Political discourses > Political coarse disses.
The class struggle in The Mission pops up in creative ways. #sf
The potato thing
Google’s ad-targeting system showed male Web users 6 times more ads for high-paying jobs than female web users
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It's Uber for strudel.
I like a good strudel-delivery bike. #sf
Another reason to love the late George Carlin: When he joked about J Edgar Hoover, the FBI looked into him.…
Internet authority Icann will stay under U.S. control another year via @JeffElder
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