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Jeff Elder
In which Palo Alto is ranked No. 5 most livable city in US, despite $1M median home price.… HT @KQEDnews
Holy smokes, a car just drove INTO the Comstock Saloon
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Tweets today about @UrbanOutfitters: 33,659. Tweets today about 3 schools on lockdown after shooting 15 miles from Kent State: 96.
Sing the body investment: A revealing look at where venture capital is going, by body part, from brain to skeleton.
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Who knew? Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and John Hancock were not at the Constitutional Convention at Philly in 1787.
"I worked out really hard, so I should get to have chips, which are just corn, and salsa, which is vegetables." And so it begins.
I would so love a MadBum grand slam right now. #SFGiants #BeatLA
Totally what we don't need. #Giants know how to handle playoff atmosphere. #Dodgers don't seem to have a clue.
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Maybe #Apple shouldn’t have let their livestream crew also run the #iPhone preorder release.
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"Amelie" is one of the great movie soundtracks.
CBS drops Rihanna as Thursday NFL opener amid Ray Rice scandal.…
You don't have to use punctuation when you text a close friend. As opposed to business text.
Somewhere, an Apple Watch is complaining that I have sat too much today.
When you see someone from your personal life at a work thing and you both look at each other like, "Is this a dream?"
Lenny Kravitz to Scarf Guy: Oh, that's cute. I remember my first scarf. #scarfguy #AppleLive
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This giant plastic rabbit is a bigger draw than the world’s most popular museum exhibition
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Seems like a miss that Apple Watch is not available until early 2015, after holiday shopping season. Pushed back I guess?
Apple's payment service could give nascent NFC technology a big shot in the arm:… via @WSJ
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Bono announces "Songs of Innocence," U2's first album in 5 years. Tim Cook puts it on iTunes for FREE.
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Somewhere someone watching the Apple Watch through Google Glass is frowning.
RT @geoffreyfowler: Having two sizes for the Apple Watch is a big deal -- many won't wear a big honkin watch.
Remember when Apple unveiled its new watch and we had to listen to Muzak and watch a blank screen?…
Tim Cook teasing "we've really gone through enough to call it a day...but we're not quite finished yet. We have one more thing."
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Apple simultaneously asking for consumers' wallets and failing at its livestream.
Apple's iPhone 6 launch video stream plagued by technical difficulties.
"Today we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone." - Tim Cook #applelive
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Maybe Apple should unveil a new livestream.
No, you can't watch today's Apple event on a PC. And you can't watch it on Chrome, either.…
We are at t-minus 30 to Apple. @JoannaStern and I will live blog news, analysis & jokes here:
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Two hip #sf cafes, renovated @ritualcoffee in Mission and Grove in Hayes Valley, now make a point of not offering wifi.
"Room for cream?" sounds so simple.
On this day in 2003, the recording industry began suing 11,456 people who shared music online.…
Journalists at @mercnews seek "owner dedicated to journalism," noting newsroom staffing 1/4 what it was 14 years ago:…
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"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele is a great Dylan cover. Up there with "Mr. Tambourine Man" by the Byrds for me. Your fave #Dylancover?