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was @QueenDemigod
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This ones for you, deejay. Lol jk love ya bro :*
Just be my kind of weird ;) #NerdClark #HotClark
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#Cavillry #Handsome #Stare #Intense #Superman
#HenryCavill #PerfectSmile #Cute #BritishGuy #FOLLOWME #Adorable #BookBoyfriend #Superman #Sexy suggestion for name change? #SuperBatsies #SuperBatMen #SuperBat #SupervBat
#MuchAwaited #SuchAwesome #VeryHeroes
Who's waiting for the Dawn of Justice?
@chilokreuz these are really amazing, do you happen to have an individual photo of each cabin?
will nat wolff be playing pudge in looking for alaska?
nerdy percy and punk annabeth
OMFG this guy would have been a perfect JACE! #tmi
anyone willing to exchange follows on TUMBLR? :)
( ◑-◑) ansel u goofball
*when youre swimming at the beach and the water pulls down your bathing suit* whoa hands off percy you sly dog
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jennifer lawrence and emma watson
president snow: still a better president than obama
what all grown ups ask me about is what my plans are after i graduate from college.. like.. dont you wanna know what my favorite color is?
percy: *kisses annabeth* jason: *kisses piper* frank: *kisses hazel* leo: *kisses mirror*
"you fight like a girl..."
"@Mellarker1: Mockingjay has finished filming... BOOM PRIM IS DEAD FINNICK IS DEAD TRIBUTES ARE DEAD"//peeta strangled katniss
this should srsly happen in BoO xD
them: if it's killing you then why are you still reading? me:
is wondering why theo james and ansel elgort arent still recording a song together (srsly tho, they're good)
"@HutchBeMine: Josh, Jen, Liam and Woody together after filming the last scene, can't believe its over "// not crying
is wondering why "oblivion" by bastille isnt in the tfios soundtrack
is still wondering why joshifer isnt happening
Mockingjay trailer is not out yet this is asking for a rebellion
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rt and i'll tweet you a random photo from my fandom gallery (i'll pick without looking)
im not really a religious person but thank the GODS for bands like @bastilledan and @Imaginedragons thankyou thankyou thankyou amen
augustus: i have hazel peeta: i have katniss gale: i have BOTH legs
what's nico's favorite brand of sun glasses? . . . . . . . GAY ban *flies away with a cluster of balloons before fangirls get me*
bringing a book or two wherever you go just in case things get boring
hades' version of a tfios quote *slow clapping* would give him a shoutout but he's not on twitter
which pair do you ship harder? sheo or shansel?
the fact that isaac would rather remain blind than to see a world without augustus 💗#tfioss
"NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!" -everyone who tries to explain how bad the percy jackson movies are
monsters' reaction to percy jackson through out the years 12 years old: fuck you 16 years old: fuck, it's you
friend: how long does it take for you to fall on love? me: a couple of chapters usually.
are you guys wondering how rick riordan will portray loki's character in his norse myth series?
@cumberbest i havent read TID but i know who jem is xD

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