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was @QueenDemigod
will nat wolff be playing pudge in looking for alaska?
OMFG this guy would have been a perfect JACE! #tmi
anyone willing to exchange follows on TUMBLR? :)
*when youre swimming at the beach and the water pulls down your bathing suit* whoa hands off percy you sly dog
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president snow: still a better president than obama
what all grown ups ask me about is what my plans are after i graduate from college.. like.. dont you wanna know what my favorite color is?
percy: *kisses annabeth* jason: *kisses piper* frank: *kisses hazel* leo: *kisses mirror*
"@Mellarker1: Mockingjay has finished filming... BOOM PRIM IS DEAD FINNICK IS DEAD TRIBUTES ARE DEAD"//peeta strangled katniss
them: if it's killing you then why are you still reading? me:
is wondering why theo james and ansel elgort arent still recording a song together (srsly tho, they're good)
"@HutchBeMine: Josh, Jen, Liam and Woody together after filming the last scene, can't believe its over"// not crying
is wondering why "oblivion" by bastille isnt in the tfios soundtrack
is still wondering why joshifer isnt happening
Mockingjay trailer is not out yet this is asking for a rebellion
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rt and i'll tweet you a random photo from my fandom gallery (i'll pick without looking)
im not really a religious person but thank the GODS for bands like @bastilledan and @Imaginedragons thankyou thankyou thankyou amen
augustus: i have hazel peeta: i have katniss gale: i have BOTH legs
what's nico's favorite brand of sun glasses? . . . . . . . GAY ban *flies away with a cluster of balloons before fangirls get me*
bringing a book or two wherever you go just in case things get boring
hades' version of a tfios quote *slow clapping* would give him a shoutout but he's not on twitter
which pair do you ship harder? sheo or shansel?
the fact that isaac would rather remain blind than to see a world without augustus 💗#tfioss
"NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!" -everyone who tries to explain how bad the percy jackson movies are
monsters' reaction to percy jackson through out the years 12 years old: fuck you 16 years old: fuck, it's you
friend: how long does it take for you to fall on love? me: a couple of chapters usually.
are you guys wondering how rick riordan will portray loki's character in his norse myth series?
@cumberbest i havent read TID but i know who jem is xD
jem castairs is brother zachariah?? how can i have not known this?! asdfghjklfdsa
"maybe 'fuck' will be our 'always'." fuck? fuck.
izzy could actually be valentine's daughter.
can you please recommend good pages on tumblr i can follow? :)
some people in the fandom can draw, make edits, write fan fictions, and sing. and im just here like "hey"
friend: who's your crush? me: *opens mouth* friend: i meant REAL people me: *opens mouth again* friend: WHO KNOW YOU EXIST me: ......
has anyone read the mistborn trilogy? vin and oreseur's sassy conversations are the best omg xD
and you can hear effie in the background saying "THAT IS MAHOGANY!" #hannibal
@QueenDemigod Sally Jackson hands down She's just so supportive of Percy
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most anticipated books and movies as of 2014 (release dates and countdown)