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Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. - Psalm 127:3
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Personally I think @\WayneBogda is in love with me, my name is on his lips continually. cc: @_AmansPatriae @GergSweatsAlot @PatDollard
I'll be around, too. We can take @.hrwj54's lead on how to stay out of things. *eyeroll* @CharlieStutes @jeanniemcbride
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@pwm2 I don't like to judge people by there friends. Sometimes it becomes inescapable. Examine principles and decide where you stand.
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When you have to compromise your beliefs religious or otherwise to belong to a political party, time to move on.
If being a Republican means I have to compromise religious beliefs.... count me out.
Rand Paul: Republicans Need to Soften on Social Issues Non political speak means gay marriage.
Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad
This dictator gene surfaces daily with Obama.
Obama Distracts from Ukraine, Obamacare Failures with Overtime Pay Push
82-Year-Old Grandfather Uses Claw Hammer to Fend Off Home Invader
Blue State Blues: Obama's Treatment of Legal Immigrants Is a Disgrace
Convicted Terrorists Target UK Campuses Via New Islamist Front Group
Lawmakers to Obama: Withdraw recognition of Assad regime #paperli…
“The greatness of a nation and its moral compass can be judged by the way its animals are treated” — Gandhi
And it is my belief that McCain, Biden and Hillary Clinton have either had brain injuries or a conntinual Senior Moment.
Obama is aiding-and-abetting-the-enemy by befriending the muslim Brotherhood.
We need Fix-a-Flat for a flacid do little Congress. And we need new leadership on many levels.
I believe we need to wake up and realize that Obama is importing terrorists into America.
While Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton joyously welcomed al-Jazeera to America, Saudi Arabia joins Egypt in kicking them out
Speaking in Hebrew, member of Islamic Jihad terror group tells Israelis to get out of ‘our’ country #paperli…
Clinton Documents: 'Send A Muslim!' - Business Insider #paperli…
Iranian Deputy Commander Warns They Are Ready to Annihilate Israel #paperli…
Former McCain Adviser Nicolle Wallace Trashes Sarah Palin on 'The View' #paperli…
Russia Deporting Foreign Workers, May Worsen in Retaliation for Western Sanctions #paperli…
As hope withers, Palestinian president heads to Washington #paperli…
And blacks need to realize that Obama has done very little for them. His loyalties lie with the muslims.
At least Richard Nixon has the decency to resign. Enough said.
IRS scandal has Obama fingerprints all over it.…
House report traces IRS scandal to Obama via @worldnetdaily
Most will have to realize that under Obama there will be minimal job creation. Otherwise Libs would lose their dependent voting base.
The skunk, half black, half white and everything it does stinks.
Congress will get the Cadillac of Health Care We will get the mobility scooter of Health Care
@jeanniemcbride liberals are afraid of job creation . If the jobless find jobs & realize capitalism us good democrats lose their voting base
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We need to retire Sen. Reid as Majority Leader once and for all. Do your part and #VOTE
The skunk is the new symbol of the Presidency. It is half black, half white, and everything it does stinks
Instead of providing meaningful relief for Americans Harry Reid recently said that all Obamacare "horror stories" being told are "untrue."
Under Harry Reid's control, the Senate spends virtually no time talking about jobs and economic growth... number one priority for Americans
If you give a man freebies...he will vote Democrat the rest of his life, and several more times after he's dead.
Obama Proverb: If you give a man hope of getting a job, he will vote Democrat for a year!
The skunk has replaced the Eagle as the new symbol of the American Presidency. It is half black, half white, and everything it does stinks
@jeanniemcbride Likely, he'll be released, given food stamps, TANF, & an attorney to sue the border agent with...oh, and a call from Obama.
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@jeanniemcbride No,. I'm old enough to know that's the wrong path. Feelings are Lucifer's speed dial to our consciousness.
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D’Souza: “Obama Administration Wants To Remake The World”
Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Criticizes Islam For Being “The Most Intolerant Religion In The World”... Libs Go Ballistic