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The depth of your struggle symbolizes the height of your success.
Your past may be a mess, but your future can be amazing.
You can't have faith and want to fit in.
Your future will only live in what you build.
Be rooted, be grounded. Sow your strongest seed.
The pain of being you, creates the power of being you.
You want to move forward, don't mingle.
You say that you see, but do you have a vision? #GFAST
I learn everyday, therefore I am a student.
Share Moments | Create Memories.
Learn to live with uncertainty. #Flow #GFAST
Innovate, create, Love.
Success is not an accident, it's a choice. #GFAST
Don't celebrate at the finish line, celebrate all along the way! #GFAST
Theory is great, but without practice, it's empty. #GFAST
Another Hit by an artist who is telling "truth". Thanks Kufreh!!!…
The best strategy is to maximize effort. Simple. #GFAST
Your reaction to an event is what controls the universal outcome. Keep your goals aligned by reacting accordantly. #GFAST
Open your perspective. See more choices. Increase the odds. Win.
"I've always had the POWER". Turn it ON. #PowerOn
Place your heart in peace. #GFAST
Adapting. Always. 🙌
"I'm going after my dreams". That's the REAL TALK! I back that up with action. #GFAST
The biggest challenge is manifesting your vision into reality. #GFAST
Love is just a word until you give it meaning. #GFAST
"believe in YOUR own story" #GFAST
Wait on no one to appoint your leadership. Assume the position. #GFAST
Temporary satisfaction will not build permanent happiness. #GFAST
Focus until you are finished. I'm never finished, so I'm always focused.
Your first choice may be right, but your first step may not. Trust YOUR process. #GFAST
I'm inspired by this young man to say the least. His story is incredible. His journey is one of a kind.…
Be yourself. Success will come when you are in your truest form. #GFAST
Your gifts are presents for being in the presence of the present. Honor them by existing NOW! #GFAST
|LIVE NOW| Celebrating and Congratulating, the success road is well traveled... #meerkat
You must RESPECT your goals and visions. Let nothing get in your way...not even yourself! #GFAST
My new sounds: Kendrick Lamar Review - CHANGING MIND… on #SoundCloud
|LIVE NOW| Welcome to Jean Ashers Live!!! #meerkat
Peasant ➡️ Prince ➡️ 👑 #GFASTT
Do it the way that comes naturally and define your own success. #GFAST
Happiness is a direction, not a destination. #GFAST
Reflecting on what was will give you the key on what can be.
The purpose of life is a life of purpose! #GFAST
The most comfortable place can be found in your own spirit.
When your attracting what you want, and the opportunity you've been requesting appears, take charge. #GFAST

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