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Jeremy Dookwah™
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Although you may decide to suppress your desires now, it's onl... More for Aries
You're motivated to get ahead in your career now, but your amb... More for Aries
You may be so caught up in your personal vision of the future ... More for Aries
Honey your soul could never grow old it's evergreen 😘❤️
No matter what you imagine now, the week ahead will likely unf... More for Aries
You could be needlessly concerned about a nagging issue today ... More for Aries
Finally ... All presentations over now its just finals ....Bruh
In your current quest for independence you could inadvertently... More for Aries
There's no reason to be pushy today because it won't help you ... More for Aries
We used to wear rugged boots now it's all tailored suits �
Dealing with restrictions placed on you by a close friend or l... More for Aries
Shits getting real in this academic life
You might set out to please everyone today, but ironically cou... More for Aries
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Avoidance tactics won't work today as previously hidden emotio... More for Aries
Just realized how amazing it is living in an area surrounded by nature
Today is your day to cultivate a potential romance or strength... More for Aries
She gon look over dese bitches like terms and conditions
Need cod advanced warfare
Don't plan on leaving my room today 👍
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Strong feelings create an undertow of tension now, setting int... More for Aries
Fever got me guilty Just go ahead and kill me Fever, why won't you explain? Break it down again
When you thought nothing could make you feel more sick
Everything and everyone annoys the shit outta me when im sick
You can spin all the wheels you want, but it still may not be ... More for Aries
Patiently awaiting mockingjay
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Guess who just got randomly selected for a search by the bouncers in the club #zen
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Hiding from the world sounds like a good idea today, but it's ... More for Aries