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Jeremy Dookwah™
what more can i say TOP BILLIN
You might not be very flexible today, even if you understand t... More for Aries
It seems as if your motives are under scrutiny today as someon... More for Aries
actions often don't reflect words these days.
Beautiful girl I have, beautiful smile she's got #beach #sun
Beautiful girl I have, beautiful smile she's got #beach #sun
You might feel invincible today, but in reality you are as hum... More for Aries
You could be blasting through these days with exuberance, but ... More for Aries
Although you might not be as comfortable in the emotional real... More for Aries
It's more fun to work with others today since they seem open t... More for Aries
Your performance at work is quite important to you today, but ... More for Aries
Page 3 monday #guardian newspaper @JavierMeka and I skating the set simultaneously
It may seem like a hopeless battle today as your schedule goes... More for Aries
It's usually prudent to have a concrete plan in place prior to... More for Aries
Schedule your social plans wisely because you may inadvertentl... More for Aries
Your intuition tells you that everything is coming up roses in... More for Aries
This shit is harder than i thought. /:
#tbt my sisters might kill me if they see me put this old one up
You may be disappointed by the way things are turning out toda... More for Aries
I think I deserve a rockback after writing 3 hrs of notes for organizational behaviour 😁👓✏️�
You're riding on a wave of excitement today but even though yo... More for Aries
Although you might wish you could lay low as the passive Cance... More for Aries
Apologizing doesn't come easily to you, yet it may be crucial ... More for Aries
Your intuition tells you to follow your feelings today, even i... More for Aries
Making groceries with da #bae ..I must admit she has a great selection
Just when you thought you had everything under control, you su... More for Aries
You can barely contain your enthusiasm today as you visualize ... More for Aries
i always tell the truth even when i lie
Complex issues continue to weigh on your psyche today, even as... More for Aries
#tbt cause I've been sitting in traffic so long this morning it could be a throwback
Although you often know exactly what you want in love, your ro... More for Aries
When the teacher only print one handout per desk
It's not that you are digging up hidden information because yo... More for Aries
You may convince a coworker that you respect confidentiality, ... More for Aries
Hardcore sessions got me breaking one week old boards aha
Although nearly everything about your life may seem complicate... More for Aries
You might not be too worried about your responsibilities today... More for Aries
Making up your plan as you go along isn't a smart idea today, ... More for Aries