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Jeremy Dookwah™
Provoking an argument to resolve a difference of opinions isn'... More for Aries
It's not always easy to take someone else's feelings into cons... More for Aries
Photo: vibrasradicales: fugaazi: This is one of the best fucking gifs I have ever seen swag swag swag and…...
parents: YOUR ROOM IS SUCH A MESS me: you should see my life
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Even if you can envision your ideal life, the road from here t... More for Aries
Now dat is woman!!! Makin cookies for me #domestic #slavery imported from lebanon.
Even if everyone is cheering you on today, you still must rely... More for Aries
You may feel as if reality is taking control of the wheel and ... More for Aries
Beach was rather tiring today -_______-
You're itching to take a risk today, prompting you to turn thi... More for Aries
Cause i needed it on my instagram too @Zayzaymarie :p <3 #lifeincolour #lic #trinidad till sun come up
Worrying about all the possible negative paths a relationship ... More for Aries
You're extremely confident about your life now, but someone mi... More for Aries
International sweatpants/socks/slippers/hoodie day #team
Your thoughts are spinning around like hamsters on a wheel, ma... More for Aries
Reexamining the most important relationships in your life is a... More for Aries
You may have just enough cool logic to make an effective plan,... More for Aries
Giving your emotions enough time to settle down is a great ide... More for Aries
Your enterprising approach to life colors your day with optimi... More for Aries
A concrete plan is not enough to find love and keep it alive. ... More for Aries
Your restlessness could get the best of you as you dream about... More for Aries
You may be a bit emotionally scrambled today and could have a ... More for Aries
Life becomes a bit more complex today because you cannot avoid... More for Aries
You may choose to follow your heart today, even if you don't k... More for Aries
There's no need to be in a hurry today, trying to quickly mend... More for Aries
A sluggish feeling in the morning may create more delays on a ... More for Aries
Your fellow workers may be very critical of your actions today... More for Aries
It really doesn't matter if you are eager to take a risk and m... More for Aries
You might believe you have all the ingredients necessary to wh... More for Aries
It's a breeze for you to accomplish a lot today now that the p... More for Aries
You often prefer to charge ahead without exhibiting any signs ... More for Aries
There's not much that will get in your way today. Even if a mo... More for Aries
You could grow tired of listening to the sound of your own voi... More for Aries
It's time to break free from any old habits that no longer ser... More for Aries
Your dilemma seems quite real today, even if you're feeling co... More for Aries
The real magic is not found in the supernatural world today; y... More for Aries
Today's focus shifts away from your need to express your desir... More for Aries
My cute baby sleepin on me ahhh!!! I love you :* 2 yrs 11 months.
Although you want to be part of the fun today, you would rathe... More for Aries
I love @JeremyDookwah :))) ❤️❤️💚💜💙💛💓💗💕💖💞💘
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