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John Dickerson
"If you told me a story about your roof I could turn it into a card trick" --verheard in Madison coffee shop conversation between magicians
In 1941 there were only 11 Democracies.
Paul Ryan says Obama abuses of power not impeachment-worthy: "this does not rise to 'high crimes and misdemeanor level."
If only there were an anniversary of an impeachment nearby to give us historical context.
Public service announcement, with correct spelling: Please don't confuse your VA Bob McDonald news today with your Va. Bob McDonnell news.
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7 points of disagreement between House and Senate fixes for the border crisis:…
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A lawyer for former Gov. Bob McDonnell's wife said she had a "crush" on businessman Jonnie Williams:…
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If you like Richard Thompson @RthompsonMusic he has a lovely new acoustic album
The trouble always starts when teachers are told to put innovative ideas into practice without much guidance.
We can guess at Putin's response to this stern letter: "TLDR"…
Pro tip: check to make sure that life-saving power source you plugged your laptop into is actually emitting p...o...w...e....
I could watch these all day. Reagan in '76. No room in a Tweet to note all the ways this is different.…
In 1980 Reagan and Bush discuss whether the children of illegal aliens should attend school for free.…
Btw this will be your last Sunday without football til February. #NFL #Bears
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First time I've seen "Brands I've Helped" on a candidate website bio.
In the opening scene of the Snowpiercer prequel, Wilford is a big promoter of the Acela Quiet Car.
@jdickerson Former bartender here. I'd like to see drinking age lowered to 16 and driving raised to 21. Operate 12 ounces before 2,00 lbs.
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They're drunk. RT @AaronBlakeWP: Americans 18-29 years old oppose lowering the drinking age to 18 by a 74-26 margin.…
Harkin Steak Fry on Sept. 14, per email he sends out
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Would this smartshoe allow you to bowl a perfect game as the design would suggest?…
My latest for @Slate is on the paternalism of @RepPaulRyan's anti-poverty plan -- and why it's a good thing:…
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sign on, sign in, drop out RT @jdickerson: I recommend using the icloud calendar on the web for anyone who might want to miss every meeting.
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I recommend using the icloud calendar on the web for anyone who might want to miss every meeting.
The $1.4 billion that Hillary and Bill Clinton have raised and benefited from in one chart:
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Heard the one about Obama not being in control of events? Or maybe it was Reagan. Or Clinton... @BrendanNyhan:
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Mayfly hatch so enormous it shows up on radar.…
The time-shift for television viewing continues.…
"We are proud of America for clouding up the crystal ball, for telling one thing to a poll-taker, another to the voting machine.' EB White
Governors who have become president. Only one more than the number of Senators who have.…
Zuckerberg says you spend 40 minutes a day on Facebook
Blaming Autocorrect not gonna work. RT @nytimes: How Sen. John Walsh plagiarized a final paper
Kudos to @jeffzeleny for noting Warren's "I am not running" is not same as "I will not run." Tense matters, people.
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Five Retail Rules Flagrantly Violated by the Apple Store via @BW
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No one has captured congressional inaction more beautifully than this reporter did in 1888.…
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Gallup says people really like candidates with business experience. cc: candidates Burke, Perdue, Scott, Wolf…
Reminded of LBJ aide Liz Carpenter's view of human interaction: "It's almost never about you, but almost always about them."
How Tests Make Us Smarter: Thus a central challenge to learning is finding a way to stem forgetting.
"Much laughter at the defects of others, is a sign of pusillanimity...the proper works is, to help and free others from scorn." -Hobbes
U.S. officials say they now suspect that Russia supplied the rebels with multiple SA-11 antiaircraft systems…
“We are a small country, dependent on our exports. Unlike the US we cannot always react from our moral high grounds”…
The Instagram feed @humansofny is so so great.
!! "I think he can answer his own campaign questions. He's the person running for office." #Amen… HT @ron_fournier
"The words rush through my hand like hounds in pursuit of a hare which they often miss." -Helen Keller from this…
Scale of #MH17 disaster is horrific for people of Netherlands: Number of victims relative to total population is same as 9/11 for U.S.
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Periodic PSA on fundamental attribution error.…
What poverty looks like in Troy, New York. Great photographs.…
Julie Checkoway feels for the aging Tom Junod… HT @page88