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John Dickerson
Rice, Bran, Orange and Tangerine: Marriott soap or Marriott breakfast item?
Brussel Sprouts are having their Kale chips moment.
The flaw in your theory about connection of the USB @paulblum is that it rests on the fallacy that there are just two options.
+1 RT @JamieReidy: Right, @jdickerson? MT @pourmecoffee: Some things are just impossible to know, like which side of the USB cable goes up.
The pre-recorded public announcer voice at the Des Moines airport has a British accent. Is that happening elsewhere in the US?
Wait, who declared it excessively literal pedantic Monday? I thought that was in October?
I am a fan of the care @ezraklein displays in these opening paragraphs.…
In new ad @AlisonForKY distances herself from the president and mansplains to McConnell about guns.…
The old adage: become a reporter & you might wind up talking about the Dalai Lama in an Iowa balloon field.
In my fantasy football league players can use baguettes as weapons. It is a league of one.
Please don't neglect your crochet. MT @AntonioGates85: Thanks everyone . My main focus is to help us win football games every single Sunday
Lovely little interview with @JohnCleese in the Harvard Business Review.…
Thanks, Tweeps, for helping us reach 1 million followers. In honor of 1M, here is our most tweeted article ever:…
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Intel agencies uncertain how much of threat ISIS really is, if Obama plan will make it worse. @gregpmiller @eilperin…
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Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent
There is nothing new under the sun -- Bats
"Death had to take him sleeping, for it Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight." Vice President Marshal on TR.
"the next chapter in a grueling, generational struggle that has kept the United States at war in one form or another"…
"Politicians can enjoy broad latitude to shape public opinion." This should get people…
Yemen & Somalia-- elevator pitch of speech. Saying "countries you may not know we bomb on occasion without big fuss & commitment" too wordy.
Maryland's helmets and uniforms will feature the lyrics to 'The Star-Spangled Banner'
#NowPlaying at school drop off -- Harrisburg Josh Ritter • Golden Age Of Radio on #Spotify…
We hope the kids eat right and exercise so they can fit into the airplane seat of the future.
United Arab Emirates creates space agency to go to Mars.
Thank Hugh. RT @TheSethJoseph: Great piece. Think you meant "hew" in "incentive will be for Democrats to *hue* to..."…
Identity of Jack the Ripper unveiled because police sergeant had ghoulish taste in gifts for his wife.…
Obama may protest but he did refer to ISIS as the JV team.…
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We tried to rebrand the "family meeting." New Coke was more successful.
Perhaps they should just make it easier and have redirect to chatroulette.
Oh hey look, @emilybazelon at the parents meeting book suggestion table.
Kim Kardashian won GQ's Woman of the Year Award. Coming in second place: Any Hope for the Future
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U.S. rises to third in competitiveness rankings
Martin O'Malley to donors: I'm going to run no matter what Hillary Clinton does…
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Putin says his remark that he could take Kiev in two weeks was totally taken out of context. He meant to say "pass the butter."
Caught deGrahamming RT @mlcalderone: Slate’s @daveweigel joins Bloomberg Politics:
Monthly memo: follow @johndickerson for links to my articles & appearances.This line is for everything else. #multitudes #scantyplotofground
83 percent of college seniors graduated without a job this spring.
In Pyongyang, the regime has work to do on citizen respect for subway riders departing the train.
#NowPlaying Chicken Fried Zac Brown Band • The Foundation on #Spotify…
I love this description of how we are all like pencils from Paolo Coelho:…
Turn teaching into an honored profession and change notion of accountability
Robert Morris University in Chicago will dole out over $500,000 in athletic scholarships to video gamers,
AP) - Mississippi judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to overturn Sen. Cochran's GOP primary win.
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.@jdickerson WI is blue pretending to be purple. Walker win (or even close loss) vindicates “Walker Hypothesis.”…
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.@alesh my solution to working on no legroom plane is portable keyboard & iPhone which can be attached by Velcro (?) to reclined seat.