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John Dickerson
Hey @RCNconnects, putting Max in charge of twitter rage was a brilliant move. He was great. Model of the form.
"You know you get to age 90 and you think: 'What the hell is this?' --Dad at a belated 90th birthday party tonight.
Hey @RCNconnects what's the phone option for existential rage induced by repeated internet outages not solved by @RCNconnects?
Please deliver us from conviction-less politicians by electing a politician who will side with whichever side has the majority.
If Presser wins and caucuses with Democrats does he get to transfer his frequent flyer miles from his years as a Republican Senator ?
Orman doesn't like Reid or McConnell but both will forgive him if he's elected because he will probably ensure their being leader.
Chris Christie is traveling to Iowa so he can save Branstad from the ignominy of only winning by 20.
Whatever you may think of the SD Senate Democratic candidate Weiland, he's in contention for best videos of cycle.…
"I can't write clever metafiction set in Brooklyn forever. I guess that's what readers want."…
Unningray or residentpay RT @politicalwire:Bill Clinton came pretty close to saying Hillary is running for president…
Campaign thinks its candidate did well in debate.
Re: Greg Orman. There's been some evidence recently about how hard it is to turn pie-in-the sky promises to change Washington into reality.
A simple act of kindness probably exposed him to virus that has killed more than 3,000 people in W.Africa.…
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Really love the new text-to-speech function on @instapaper.
Leon Panetta saw this coming. #Nationals
Nothing works in Washington. #Nationals #Punditry
It's San Francisco, Barrett was simply being disruptive. #TheUberofPitchOuts
Is someone in the Situation Room? #Nationals
He's gonna snap his neck swinging like that. RT @TheFix: I mean that is a bomb. RT @MrMichaelLee: Dang, Bryce:
Hands out in front! RT @TheFix: So. Awesome. RT @masnNationals: Crusher of baseballs. #IBackTheNats
Best reaction to the Bryce Harper HR RT @WilliamShatner: Good evening!
You are all welcome: @kottke on people doing things in 15th armor.…
Shout-out to my seatmate on the flight home, who clearly wanted me to ignore him as much as I wanted him to ignore me. Our bond was real.
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Today's worksheet in mapping gradations of aggressive and passive-aggressive can be found here:…
Twittter template #123: "Who says this thing [a thing that no one is actually saying] is a thing?"
Our photog Chris Usher caught @jdickerson prepping for this morning's @FaceTheNation in control room 2:
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I haven't done the math, but I think the Nationals were on the field last night longer than Congress has been in session this year.
If you start to spell titillating with only one 'l' iPhone will offer an incorrect spelling, which is the least titillating observation ever
Yes! RT @CNHorn: The Library of Congress found film of the Washington Senators clinching the 1924 World Series.…
#KYSen RT @LoganDobson: "Did you vote for President Obama in 2012?" "Guys, thanks for being here"…
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Strange to say no GOP 16 front runner = weak field. Say Walker, Christie, Pence, Kasich, Bush, Perry, Cruz, Rubio, Paul all run. Weak field?
There are 5 counties with a median income above $102,000 and 4 of them are in the DC suburbs:…
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! Former SecDef Leon Panetta: Obama White House was "so eager to rid itself" of Iraq, allowing for ISIS to move in.
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There's an obvious Richmond, VA angle to this Louisiana story. Maybe it's that they use the number 3 in Richmond too.…
Don't be obsessed with your phone, but first, BE OBSESSED WITH YOUR PHONE.…
In '39, Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson became one of the first female CBS broadcasers…
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These National Geographic photographs are full of wonder…
RT @WilliamsJon: Perhaps most incredible photo of #HongKong you will ever see: protests last night via @hkdemonow
When she thawed? via @TIME: Frozen Songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez on Her 'Aha' Moment
I've forgotten, what's the name of the Wizard in Fleetwood Mac?
At lunch on a Dupont bench I saw 1 man summon another, the 2 join briefly, exchange $$ for an open Newport box & split. #balllet #dippers
Senate candidate runs with president.…