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Jamal Crawford
Do something for someone else, not always about you..
"@23RAMZ23: @JCrossover how long you be staying in there man??"--11 mins!
"@MontelJ30: @JCrossover how do you feel about your documentary?"--LOVED it, @Ballislife killed it
Check out "J.Crossover" our documentary on Jamal Crawford ( @JCrossover ) | VIDEO:
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Well, I know A LOT of people have asked me when the @Ballislife doc was coming out... No more waiting, here it is!!
“J.Crossover” A Jamal Crawford Documentary | 24 MINUTE VIDEO:
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1) I do NOT have Instagram, that's a fake.. 2) I dropped my phone in some water so excuse me not responding to messages 3) #ClipperNation
You know you're tired when you wake up and don't know where you are..
Me and some of the kids from one mof my camps #Tbt
Man, why is " lifestyle" such a cut though lol.
NBA star Jamal Crawford @JCrossover has a special connection to SPU & June 5, 2014. Read @chad_brown95's story here:
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Health is wealth..
No matter the circumstance stay true to who you are..
I see you, @JCrossover! RT @FredKatz Coolest play of NBA preseason. Watch Crawford turn around before shot goes in:
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So excited to finally share this. I'm so glad I got to cover this amazing story. I hope I did it justice @JCrossover…
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@JCrossover @trigonis30 I'm sure I was the first "media" to write about him back in my old days at the Long Beach Press-Telegram.
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Another day, another opportunity..
So many good players in the Nba who you don't know much about.
"@oregon_girl3: @JCrossover You never RT girls. Some of us are just actual basketball fans. 😔😭😭🏀"--i rt everyone. Sorry if I missed u!
I’ll take my eye test vs. your analytics in 7 games. @JCrossover knows what I mean.
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@JCrossover boy wait till them j c sneakers come in the mail ✔️✔️✔️ you kno !! If talk didn't get some yall missing out .
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Most the times when I watch games I have tv volume on mute and listen to music..
@JCrossover wish my mans would give me a rt! Goodluck this year man.
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Watching " open court" I'm more of a fan of the eye test vs analytics..
I would really appreciate if Mr. crossover himself would show some love for my Birthday and give me a shoutout @JCrossover
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Everyone's journey is different, be confident enough to stay on your path..
"@only1ru_: @JCrossover Chris Paul says he doesn't believe that you don't work on your handle. Do you?"--haa. Nope..
"@snordale: @JCrossover Who's film do you watch most often?"--Isiah, Mj, Magic, Kobe, AI, Me..( Only me to see what I can add)
"@mokhar109: @JCrossover what up with the 0-3 preseason start?"--working out the kinks, we will be fine..
"@JonCraft13: @JCrossover still hasn't responded to me in like 2 years 😳"--my bad, what's up?
"@acenoah_: @JCrossover another day another opertunity like always man wbu ?"--maintaining man.
"@Joeingles7: @JCrossover no 1 better to learn off ? even tho they teach us to watch our shot after we take it -trying to show u the future!
“It means so much when people wear my jersey or in this case, a shirt...” - @JCrossover MORE →
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So little man came to the game last night in Portland. He couldn't find my jersey so he made his own.. #priceless
So T sent me this picture 2nite. It's JJ showing London where I am on the court and her jumping up and down.#nitemade
Ipad on random, music always takes me places..
The mission is to keep improving..
Let's go SEAHAWKS!!!
Prayers up for KD.
Another day, another opportunity..
@JCrossover Homemade jersey/ shirt!! My favorite player!!Hopefully I can get a picture @the game tomorrow! Please!
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Jamal Crawford & Jason terry RT @Blanco_chriss: @Isaiah_Thomas who is the closest NBA player you have a good friendship with?
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Some of the best things in the world can't be bought..
"@JonesOnTheNBA: Kobe will likely be the first guard to play 20 seasons."--God willing no major injuries, I'll be the second.. Or third