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Jamal Crawford
We’d like to thank @JCrossover and the @SeattleProAm for putting on one of the best leagues in the country & for letting us be a part of it.
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@JCrossover thanks for the best weekend ever and for giving me all those gifts, good luck in LA, I'll be cheering :)
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Met Jon Meis today, I was nervous. He's a true hero...#highlightofmyday
@JCrossover Some would say Thursday is pretty soon. Others might say an eternity. #Kickoff2014
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I wanna go to a M's game, and Seahawks game soon..
Another great year for the @SeattleProAm thanks@JCrossover thanks @Ballislife soon we will say another great year for the sonics...
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Best summer yet..
Thank you thank you thank you, @SeattleProAm @JCrossover and this amazing team for the best summer!!!! 🏀🏀🏀
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ProAm Over It's Time For High School Season 💯🏀 Special Thanks T@JCrossovere@SeattleProAmAm And Shoutout T@Ballislifefe Mixtape Coming Soon 🏀
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@JCrossover Thank you for a great summer Jamal!!!!! It was truly fun to meet you and see you play this summer. Good luck in LA this year!!!
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@GetBuckets2125: @Marcus_LoVett Did Jamal Crawford seen your mixtapes before you play with him?”yes
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Can't thank u guys enough for the continued support making OUR pro-am one of the best in the country. You guys make it what it is. Thank u!
Last game of the summer pro-am. Today, Championship at 3pm!!!
Can't thank @MarvenaK @EliteYouthCamps @reedslattery @WorldVision #ddoxx. all our barbers. Backpack giveaway was another great event!!
First Thing, Thank the Almighty for waking me this am and all my love ones. #2 @JCrossover backpack giveaway #3 PRO AM CHAMPIONSHIP 3pm spu
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Don't forget. TODAY backpack giveaway . And then the pro-am championship. Last game of the summer starts at 3pm!!!
Tomorrow for all you kids still in need of school supplies, come down!!
Another great day for pro am... Championship 2morrow. Last game of the summer at 3pm!!!!
Hang with @JCrossover at his backpack giveaway don't forget to sign up at your nearest community center in Seattle
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.@SeattleProAm playoffs continue today! @JCrossover and the #DRG Wolverines take on the @Ballislife Vikings at 1! Come down to SPU now!!!
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Great backpack event with the bros, now pro am!
"@pettysteez: @JCrossover what time is the backpack giveaway??"--starts at 11!
Don't forget to stop by @CHILLCONROY #Broy, and @TWroten_LOE Backpack giveaway at Red Apple. Then Pro am for the semi's!!!
4 teams left in the @SeattleProAm 1st game feat. @JCrossover and @Al_Snowman @ 1pm and the second game feat. @CHILLCONROY and myself @ 230
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All Michael Jackson's videos were movies..
If you're gonna pray, don't worry. If you're gonna worry, don't pray..
S/o @DerMarrJohnson just because..Slim was best player in the country for any class in his junior year.. #KDbeforeKD #respect
Last weekend of pro-am starts tomorrow!!
Fear & Loathing in Seattle: Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am Helps a City Heal
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Beautiful scenic lake. If you look closely, you can see my son's @JCrossover sneakers relaxing too.
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@alleniverson what up wit u? U gotta come out to Seattle and play in @JCrossover pro am the town would love you
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Will never see anything like him again..
Watch Jamal Crawford’s Surprising Poster Dunk
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To sign up go to your local Boys and Girls Club in the Seattle area!
Jagged Edge use to have some cuts..
Better to give, than receive..
Crazy how sports brings people together..
Great experience hooping with @JCrossover and @CHILLCONROY today, awesome way to cap off the Beach open gyms!
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.@Gary19Smith slamming it home last Saturday in @JCrossover’s Black History Month PEs in the @BallUp Championship:
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That time when I popped up on some kids at my court, they spotted me mid game and all ran over. #respect #tbt