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Jeff Croft
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(Assuming I don't want to ingest great quantities of codeine and promethazine.)
I could listen to the instrumental of Kendrick's "A.D.H.D" for hours. What other artists have these big, slow, spacey, funky, soulful beats?
Moody is back! The season premiere of #Californication is TONIGHT at 9:30PM ET/PT on @SHO_Network.
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RT “@agasthya1: Offense sucks. Defense sucks. Starting pitching sucks. Bullpen REALLY sucks. The @Cardinals need work.” Forgot "fans suck."
I've always played ping pong to 21, switching serves every five points. Today I learned the real rules are to 11, switch ever 2. Mind blown.
Not gonna lie: my inner feminist is fighting with my inner "dude who appreciates an irreverent, punny t-shirt."
Not gonna lie, my password to almost everything is "💩".
We’re hiring TONS of social media geeks! Want to be next? Check out our job board & apply:
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Great seeing so many familiar faces at the @simplymeasured office this morning! Sorry I didn't have time to say hi to everyone. See ya soon!
A size comparison between the titanic and a modern cruise ship
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From where I stand, "I have never seen a therapist" is a WAY bigger dating red flag than "I regularly see a therapist."
Apparently I'm funny on Twitter tonight. I would know this if I still had access to my Twitter Activity Report. AHEM, @simplymeasured.
RT @KCChiefs: "#Chiefs fans; what preseason game are YOU most excited about?” Is this even a real tweet?
The more comfortable you get with being single, the higher the bar gets for anyone looking to disrupt that.
Developer: We should do x. His non-dev boss: You know best! Designer: We should do x. His non-designer boss: <a million counter-ideas>
If this is accurate, it's exciting and says to me that the "iWatch" will not be a direct Gear/Wear competitor.…
I admit I feel slightly uncomfortable with my choice of Lil Debbie for 4/20 entertainment now that I know Snoop and Slick Rick were options.
THIS JUST IN: Kansas C Joel Embiid declares for NBA Draft.
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I've been spouting this message for years. It's nice to see it get a big stage. Thanks, @gruber!…
"Do you take this woman to be your wife in sickness and health?" I do "For richer or poorer?" I do "If she forgets about Dre?" WOAH hold up
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My new color tool, Cupcake is now up in the app store!
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My friend and coworker, Matthew (@cmchen), wrote an amazing piece about programming for non-programmers.
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...never fully incorporate "her" into my life if she always takes a second to wake up. But always-listening doesn't feel right either. Hmm.
I think one thing slowing adoption of voice-driven computing is the UI for activating "her." Press and hold like Siri is too slow. I'll...
Sometimes I think HTML5 is amazing, and then I remember it's just the first useful implementation of the same DHTML we buzzed about in 1999.