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Jeff Croft
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Wait, @carlsmith, who proudly calls his company "irreverent," is pretending to take a moral stand against Apple? Oh, that's rich.
Remember Ello? Hahahahahaha.
I think the rose gold with the white sport band is the one you're going to see all the ladies rocking'.
RT @AlbertBreer: "Goodell: "We don't seek to get that information from sources that are not credible." Uhh…they had the video. It was real.
We're gonna need a way to prototype haptic experiences now.
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Okay, I'm getting one.
How am I supposed to understand this keynote if it's only in English?!?!
Holy hell what is with all the honking, Seattle?!
I don't often need a CMS these days, but next time I do, I'm going to check out Contentful. API-first. Love the concept.
I hate Matt Cassel so much.
@KCChiefs are the worst fan experience in KC. A simple sign when you pay for 30 for parking would save a lot of head aches regarding bags.
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Loud car accident at 5th and Blanchard. Didn't see it, but heard it. Tons of people running onto the scene now. Not sure how serious.
RT “@ArrowheadPride: Chiefs' Donald Stephenson suspended 4 games for violating PED policy” SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT
I want to run/moderate a podcast where hip-hop tracks are analyzed by folks with classical music theory training. Know anyone who'd be good?
It is such bullshit that you now have to Snopes "Shark Week."
In Kansas City, unarmed black teens defend themselves against fierce po-po dance moves:…
My old homie @film_girl sets the record straight, one and for all, on Facebook Messenger:…
…more than I missed posted my own thoughts, so I reinstalled it but plan to mostly read and reply and rarely post own my own.
Gave up Twitter for over a week. Didn't really miss it much. Missed reading news and interacting with journalists and celebrities way…
I think I'm quitting Twitter. We'll see. Gonna try it anyway. Talk to you sometime.
Web Programming: The art of arranging features such that value is created from the interference between the JS, HTML, and browser WTFs.
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Ok @drewbrees, our @KCChiefs QB room decided to give skeet shooting a try…real tough. Whats next?
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As a non-caffeine drinker, I'm offended by how many job interviews are expected to happen over coffee. </sarcasm>
The new Detour walking-tours app from @andrewmason and co. looks quite nice:
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The OkCupid blog is back! New post up now: WE EXPERIMENT ON HUMAN BEINGS
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I've found myself overusing the phrase "that's legit" lately. The question is: am I too legit to quit?
By sure to check out my boy @ShayhanM's new EP "Ignorance," available on iTunes and most streaming services.
I had no intention on holding out...I just ran out of gas on the way to camp and my cell phone battery died. It was a long walk I tell ya.
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RT @Seahawks: WR Sidney Rice has announced his retirement from the @nfl. Wait, what?
Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy: Twitter Netflix Tesla Uber Dropbox Pandora Airbnb and still have $41 billion left. $AAPL
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I'm fascinated by the fact that the same people who have forever made fun of me for watching sports now watch people play video games live.
The New York Times calls legal cannabis "the next gold rush." Sweet! So who wants to invest in my weed app idea?…
When I heard Overcast's two main features were sound effects, I rolled my eyes loudly. I was wrong. Smart Speed and Voice Boost are AWESOME.
Stack Overflow's greatest contribution is getting one help with a language at a minimal level of contact with that language's "community."
I'm looking for an iOS developer to collaborate on a relatively simple app in the legal cannabis space. jeff at jeffcroft dot com.
Just discovered @MaxTemkin and @patrickklepek's LOST re-watch podcast. Fantastic. Re-living the fun that was LOST.
Wow. @AmaniAToomer's comments about Matt Cassel on @theprogramkc today were fascinating. And damning. Guy just couldn't handle the pressure.
The more I use Yosemite and iOS 8 with the continuity goodness, the more annoyed I am when an app I like doesn't have iPad and Mac versions.
Lebron to Miami: "Not 1....not 2....not 3...." To Cleveland: "Maybe 1. Hopefully 1. That would be cool." ¯\_( ツ)_/¯
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happy bastille day or as they say in france vive les frites* *via twitter translate™
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I have some ideas for apps around the legal cannabis industry. I'd love to find like-minded collaborators. I'll leave it at that. Hit me up.
My Dad's new Samsung TV came with two remotes. Both perform every function. I call the one on the right "The Hedge."
I love LBJ. That said, if I were a Cavs fan, NO WAY. It's one thing to leave your wife for the hotter chick, but you don't get to come back.
.@elonmusk Happy Nikola Tesla Day, Elon. And thank you so very much.
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