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Jeff Croft
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The OkCupid blog is back! New post up now: WE EXPERIMENT ON HUMAN BEINGS
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I've found myself overusing the phrase "that's legit" lately. The question is: am I too legit to quit?
By sure to check out my boy @ShayhanM's new EP "Ignorance," available on iTunes and most streaming services.
I had no intention on holding out...I just ran out of gas on the way to camp and my cell phone battery died. It was a long walk I tell ya.
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RT @Seahawks: WR Sidney Rice has announced his retirement from the @nfl. Wait, what?
Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy: Twitter Netflix Tesla Uber Dropbox Pandora Airbnb and still have $41 billion left. $AAPL
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I'm fascinated by the fact that the same people who have forever made fun of me for watching sports now watch people play video games live.
The New York Times calls legal cannabis "the next gold rush." Sweet! So who wants to invest in my weed app idea?…
When I heard Overcast's two main features were sound effects, I rolled my eyes loudly. I was wrong. Smart Speed and Voice Boost are AWESOME.
Stack Overflow's greatest contribution is getting one help with a language at a minimal level of contact with that language's "community."
I'm looking for an iOS developer to collaborate on a relatively simple app in the legal cannabis space. jeff at jeffcroft dot com.
Just discovered @MaxTemkin and @patrickklepek's LOST re-watch podcast. Fantastic. Re-living the fun that was LOST.
Wow. @AmaniAToomer's comments about Matt Cassel on @theprogramkc today were fascinating. And damning. Guy just couldn't handle the pressure.
The more I use Yosemite and iOS 8 with the continuity goodness, the more annoyed I am when an app I like doesn't have iPad and Mac versions.
Lebron to Miami: "Not 1....not 2....not 3...." To Cleveland: "Maybe 1. Hopefully 1. That would be cool." ¯\_( ツ)_/¯
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happy bastille day or as they say in france vive les frites* *via twitter translate™
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I have some ideas for apps around the legal cannabis industry. I'd love to find like-minded collaborators. I'll leave it at that. Hit me up.
My Dad's new Samsung TV came with two remotes. Both perform every function. I call the one on the right "The Hedge."
I love LBJ. That said, if I were a Cavs fan, NO WAY. It's one thing to leave your wife for the hotter chick, but you don't get to come back.
.@elonmusk Happy Nikola Tesla Day, Elon. And thank you so very much.
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Southwest Air boarding groups, demystified: "A" stands for "aisle" "B" stands for "better than C" "C" stands for "center"
As if creating child porn isn't offensive enough, they think they need to INJECT a teen boy to get boner out of him.…
Never liked the term “nonfiction". The truth should have its own word, and not be shackled to its antonym.
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If you’re being harassed by hundreds of people, it doesn’t matter if millions love your work, too.
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Five hours into day 1, default settings. Why would you ship this? #androidwear
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There will apparently be a "30 for 30" on Joe Delaney. Great news. What a wonderful story that too few people know.…
Belle + Whete I don't know what's growing faster, the area right around my apartment, or trendy restaurants with ampersands in their name.
Titles go in and out of fashion all the time, but this feels like an accurate breakdown of the design roles in tech.…
It’ll probably be faster, easier, and more beneficial to make a Mac client than a modern web interface. And I don’t even know AppKit yet.
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Made me think of @jcroft. Some sage advice on how to run a website: RT @NateSilver538
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New response to every Facebook bug I encounter: "Must be a social experiment."
I am available for shorter-term contract work, if anyone is looking for some product design or front end development help. Thanks for RTing!
My analysis of the Belguim vs. Tim Howard game: the better team lost.
In American football, we have Philip Rivers, who is a whiny bitch. In soccer, we have EVERY PLAYER ON EVERY TEAM, who is a whiny bitch.
For the record, all of these are okay expect baseball. Seriously? 60-year old men wearing stirrups? Who thought that was okay?!
Sports coach's fashion: Baseball: player's uniform Football: sweats Basketball: suit Soccer: whatever the fuck they want
I give soccer four footballs out of ten! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Dear dude running @HobbyLobbyStore twitter account: if you rebel tonight, people will crowdsource your paycheck for months. U CAN DO THIS
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World Cup 2014: Social Media Matchups, by @simplymeasured.
See, I had it wrong. Why do I have to do this math, especially given that it's confusing? It's 2014. We have stopwatches.
It was 90' regulation, and then 4' after, and I think this is extra time is to be 15'. So I think 109' total? I shouldn;t have to do this.
Right now is a perfect example of why I hate soccer's up-running clock. I have no idea what the clock will say when this period is over.
And I missed a goal?! Grrr! It's back now. :)
jcroft: Apparently the futbol gods did not like me calling it "soccer," because my @DIRECTV just went out. Fuck!
Although I like it better than expected, I doubt I'll ever be *into* soccer, But you can definitely count me among The World Cup fans, now.
That said, I still give soccer a five on a scale of One-to-The NFL.
On soccer: I've decided I like it better than I thought I would. It's not as boring as I thought. It's less boring than baseball for sure.
Some thoughts. First, the World Cup is awesome. Super exciting to have the whole world focused on one sport. Better than the Olympics, IMO.