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beach with my baby 💛
well after almost 3 years of being poor, i finally have another job.
just saw a vw bug with eyelashes on it, and I know @cynthiaa_rockss would have loved it 😉
before I had a boyfriend I didn't know who Deadpool was and I didn't like comic books, but now I'm like aw yiss Deadpool aw yiss comics
"do you want breakfast before you go" "no I don't have time" "I have fruity pebbles" "yeah I got time" conversation with myself this morning
my dinner last night was a lot better than your dinner last night.
I have so many blackmail photos of my dog that I will never get an opportunity to use. it's incredible.
I have the cutest dog ever.
also I am watching Cosmos and suddenly feel so small compared to the universe that I don't even feel fat anymore which is nice #notfat #phat
is it bad that I'm genuinely upset that I most likely won't be alive when the Voyager 1 gets discovered by some other extraterrestrial life
if I send you an "lol" by itself, that's my way of saying "fuck you never talk to me again" #themoreyouknow
the only bad thing about being with @merrellgrice in person is that we normally can't make typos to laugh at while we're talking #firstworld
this is the best air freshener ever because donut (cc:@merrellgrice)
Aphoton goes to the airport. At bag check, the guard says "You don't have many bags." The photon says "I'm traveling light."
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I complain to my boyfriend and test him if he's read all of my nonsense, and what do ya know. #blessed #nickjonas
I have ze worst cold evurrrr :(
perfect beach day ☀️
merrell just called me fat that's it this friendship is done
went to the beach today with my man. 'twas nice.
I've tweeted so much this morning I am sorry pardon me excuse me forgive me my bad bye