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I suddenly became a basketball fan…
I love how the new @Sia album bundle comes with a wig. That's just what I'll need after being snatched by those heavenly vocals 🙆🏼
"I don't like Sia"
Having things on your mind but not being able to say it <<<<
Fucking hotel keeps shrinking my clothes. Need to buy a whole new wardrobe before I return
Sia aka queen of inspiration
We all know this is better than the original…
feta is the worst.
I'm turning vegan as soon as I get back to the UK. I AM SICK OF CHEESE EW!
I wish there was somebody here to get drunk with me!!
I'm in the other side of the world and I've got no one to have a proper talk to - miss my friends
I am so pissed off. I put in my everything for work today and people bitch about me for it. STAY FKING PRESSED.
Delirium is just mediocre
I saw Selena Gomez today
Adele Hello is getting boring already stop talking about it
Twitter is so boring and everyone on my timeline is getting on my nerves. Time to delete. Bye.
You are literally dragging an infant... 😒👶…hcR
lmao this shit must be stopped 😂😂…5uK
I will also make a formal complaint over email attaching this social media complaint @NandosSA
sincere apology. My faith in Nandos is quickly deteriorating and I would NOT recommend Canal Walk branch to ANYONE. @NandosSA
These things can't just be brushed off and laughed at it's serious. A generous compensatory gesture would be appreciated with a @NandosSA
Yes, I got my replacement but I hardly ate it after feeling sick and humiliated and I should NOT be made to feel like that .. @NandosSA
Well 1. I AM VEGETARIAN SO NO. 2. I DID NOT ORDER CHICKEN.. The manager gave a snide look and the woman at the till just laughed @NandosSA
I spat it out and immediately went to complain and the reaction from the staff was "What you don't eat chicken"? .. @NandosSA
So I ordered a VEGGIE haloumi and chilli wrap around 2.15pm and after a bite or two, a huge lump of CHICKEN fell out... @NandosSA
I'd like to complain about the service I received in @NandosSA in Canal Walk , SA today. I feel humiliated and angry...
Jess Glynne - Take Me Home sounds similar to Beyoncé's "Halo".. Just not overrated and has better vocals.
Feel terrible and broken hearted and lonely as fuck out here
Alessia Cara Stan!!
Why are they auto tuning X Factor Judges Houses what a mess
Femme Fatale is Britney's best era
Adele: breaks VEVO record Madonna: breaks tour-gross record Katy: breaks #1 hits record Lady Gaga: breaks her hip
Best One Direction song?
No way did I miss Carly Rae out here 😭😭…2Ht
Hello is so so good. I was low key hoping it would be bad and not live up to hype but..
Vroom Vroom is such a mess wtf !!?
I need some more Cape Town friends pls 🙏🏼
Sick of constantly being talked about behind my back. It's not high school 😒

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