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HaaaaAA! Tag all ya Scurrd azz Friendz! #Arachnophobia
FRIDAY! my 2nd Favorite "F" Word!
Tonight at #InfectiousFridays at #GladysKnightsChickenAndWaffles on Cascade Rd. is Duet night!!! I'm Exited because I Know it's gon be Bananas! @Candysej & @TonyTatum will Be Performing Live! The Dopest Duets of Past & Present!! Come Eat Drink Sing and Rub Shoulders w The Best people in the game! @J
#tbt Me my Son @Phalon_ & my baby Sis @MasikaKalysha at Mastros Beverly Hills S/O to my Fav Chef @PapiCooks #Oboy! #ILoveLA
" A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it's a clear view from inside of our better selves, a call to accomplish & become something more"
How A MF feel when dem Refried Beans from ya Fav Mexican Restauriznayee kick in on Dat Azz!! Whoo!!! HaaaAA!!! #HappyThursday
In this business you develop Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell over time...And Zero Tolerance for incompetence of Greatness!
Move Mountains! #GodIsTheGreatest
"Know your worth"...if they can't afford it ask Em if they've ever seen a Rolls Royce Commercial on Fox 5! When they say NO tellem, "Neither have I" & Walk off like a Bo$$!!! HaaaaAA!
Lotta yall lucky God Said not to GetCho Azz! Grrrrr #lionsden
Now U gotta call Ya homie that u flexed on that got studio for Tha FREE!! WellDayum! #YouGonLearnToday
Ladies & Gents Introducing Sushi Mane! TurNUp!
Me tellin @Champagnepapi that the chic that had just walked away had an Academy Award Winning Azz! He said: is It Real? I said: O yea it's real! #FakeBootyDontJiggleLikeDat
When They talkin too much w/ no action just politely screen shot this pic & watch how peaceful life gets! If U ain't got no budget, U got the wrong MF 1! Sorry Gang but they know who I'm talkin TO!!
HaaaaAA! Tag all Ya big booty friends!
Nah thas sum tippin fa yo Azz! @MasikaKalysha HaaaaAA! #latenights #earlymawnins
@DerrtyMo Look what these folk doin to yo song bruuuh!! #GettinSoHotImGonnaTakeMyRobeOff haaaaa!!!
I'm broadcasting #LIVE on #HangWith for #Android! Come Hang w/P.Alexander!
Havin Hookah Meetings... I'm really slangin this sheeit! Tastes Grrrreat!! They're Lovin it! #OhBoyExplosion #PantyDroppa #CandyAppleLove #SmokeSxxy @HazeTobacco #BestHookahInTheWorld
Me all the Dayum time! Yall Know Who yall Are! HaaaaAA!
Plsss don't send me Ya Cousins,aunties,sons,nephews,nieces,daughters,moms,uncles,brothas or Sistas wack ass demo! I have Ears!
"@LolitaDiallo: @jazzepha jazzeee I miss youuuuuuu. I know you want to go get some more "flying biscuits" with us" Yuup!come back!
Yuup that about sums it up! HaaaaAA! Oh yeah, #GoodMawnin
Seafood Rice of life!
If u aint callin me bout paper, then u got the wrong Mf NUMBER!!!
Tip Toe-ing Thief In ya Dms & Stealin Yo Sheeeiit!!! HaAAA!!!
Now lemme hear u Harmonize!
@MonicaBrown U Diiiid Thaaat Sis!! Wooowee! Love Ya!!! #Epicness
Mjs Human Nature Sparks Sooo much we weren't worried bout sheeit then! Smh
Vengeance is the Lord's, my prayer is that those who wronged me or my people make amends & reconcile or jus stay away w cha Miserable Ass
HaaaaAA! Good Mawnin! #happysaturday
Not to mention Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Tear Gas Ect...Just think...if we all behaved like the Government, we'd all be in PRISON! Oh yeah, #wakeup #itsMorning #goodmorning
Sushi of Liiiife Aaahh!!
How A Nigga be Feelin when the Weekend Comez!! TuRnup @howuseeit #HappyFriday
You don't wanna walk into a room holding someones hand and wanna let it go bcuz at that moment you realized u were face to face with your Soul Mate... WellDayum!
Nobody is perfect but u ain't gotta be perfect to Get it right!
#TBT me @SnoopDogg & my luv fa life @VAGAZBELLADONA in the studio, that was a turnt ass month!…
Dayum! How many of yall remember this? Parents then would Dare yo ass to call the police! Sheeit! U…
My family is doing a fundraiser for my brother Paul Walkers ROWW -… happy birthday P!
I'm in the mood for a 6 million dollar Check, but if it's just 5m I will take it!
My daughter itsjahlon w her uncle @AugustAlsina & her BFF #KloBaby doin what family do...
Ain't nothing worse than predictable, boring and trivial Mfs... Wake up & be Awesome!! Awesome Mfs…
Whoa Shawty!!! Ol Boi handlin' Big Mama like a ______??? U fill in the blank!! HaaaaaAA!!!
Heaux been movin to fast on Tha track! Pimpin Gotta be able 2 catch that money!