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Fin 鰭
Disgusted KFC couple find 'alive MOTH' swimming inside their Pepsi drink
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Facebook Sundays: 1) Never drinking again! :( 2) Some1 bring me a Maccys breakfast 3) Mmm can't wait 4 roast dinner 4) Never drinkin agen!!
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Facebook is full of people you wish you didn't know and Twitter is filled with people you wish you knew
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He's 24 months old now :) 2. Your child is 2.
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Good night was it? According to your 391 second snapchat story and 3 Facebook statuses you spent most of it on your phone.
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"You love tattoos don't you?" no pal, I hate them with a passion I only got them to be hipster
Check out my new blog post! Which will take you 11 minutes to read! & it's all about useless facts about yours truly…
@THQureshi1: this is so trippy” this can keep my amooooosed for hours
"The Darkness is coming. It will spread to every corner of the land." #ComingSoon
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We need school because otherwise there would be more retards like you with 'princess' as there name on Facebook
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When I immigrate to America I'm swimming the fucking ocean. Planes don't seem to be save anymore..
Today's generation be like: "First day of Kindergarten"
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I love my dot work Misty Mountain #tattoo and my cartoonish Smaug thank you Titch <3…
I love my dot work Misty Mountain #tattoo and my cartoonish Smaug thank you Titch <3 #battleoffivearmies #thehobbit #lordoftherings #lotr
Do you hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus?
Never make a lad choose between his game or you..
I want to try the Starbucks scene in A thousand words at @CostaCoffee
I'm paranoid about the size of my tongue now!! :( it's not tooo small!!
My tongue is normal size... It's not small..
If I ever get married I want something like this..
Talking about tattoos new one tomorrow hopefully..
I hate it when autocorrect makes me sound stupid
@InkJunkeyz: Do you have the most tattoos out of your family!!!! #inkjunkeyz” Yup, I'm the lost covered in my family
@FinThehobbit we're chuffed to hear that you're such a big fan, Fin. Thanks for the lovely feedback.
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@megmichellex: the lack of tattoos on my body is getting highly upsetting” I know this feeling far to well
I love how voting is optional but they send you a letter saying "you better register to vote or else we will fine you."
I wish people stop advertising for Part-time jobs on jobs sites and saying they want full time workers..
If I ever need blood transplant here is my blood type.
I'm going to say good bye to my social life as I'm going to spend the rest of my life on Xbox Minecraft to construct Middle Earth LOTRs
We’ve got a lot of history but there’s too much space between you & me you have plans, yeah I have dreams
Just got home to find a town tied to my bedroom door handle.. I don't want to enter
I'm growing pineapple, delicious pineapple
Apparently it's illegal to have porn on your phone...
@Inked_Mad_Man: I need new ink, like yesterday!” I need new ink like...since I was born!
Someone buy me a Slow Loris
Dear @arrivanortheast I do not appreciate having a fuck off double decker x22 nearly smashing into my car whilst it's cutting a corner.