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Fin 鰭
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Disgusted KFC couple find 'alive MOTH' swimming inside their Pepsi drink
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Facebook Sundays: 1) Never drinking again! :( 2) Some1 bring me a Maccys breakfast 3) Mmm can't wait 4 roast dinner 4) Never drinkin agen!!
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Facebook is full of people you wish you didn't know and Twitter is filled with people you wish you knew
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He's 24 months old now :) 2. Your child is 2.
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Good night was it? According to your 391 second snapchat story and 3 Facebook statuses you spent most of it on your phone.
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"You love tattoos don't you?" no pal, I hate them with a passion I only got them to be hipster
Check out my new blog post! Which will take you 11 minutes to read! & it's all about useless facts about yours truly…
@THQureshi1: this is so trippy” this can keep my amooooosed for hours
"The Darkness is coming. It will spread to every corner of the land." #ComingSoon
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We need school because otherwise there would be more retards like you with 'princess' as there name on Facebook
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When I immigrate to America I'm swimming the fucking ocean. Planes don't seem to be save anymore..
Today's generation be like: "First day of Kindergarten"
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I love my dot work Misty Mountain #tattoo and my cartoonish Smaug thank you Titch <3…
I love my dot work Misty Mountain #tattoo and my cartoonish Smaug thank you Titch <3 #battleoffivearmies #thehobbit #lordoftherings #lotr
Do you hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus?
Never make a lad choose between his game or you..
I want to try the Starbucks scene in A thousand words at @CostaCoffee
I'm paranoid about the size of my tongue now!! :( it's not tooo small!!