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Fin 鰭
Photo: clarabacou: Weeding by 11.11 One of my all time new favourite artists.
I'm a man with woman curves I just realised
Photoset: pr1nceshawn: Halloween Costumes For Anyone Who Is Lazy, Cheap… Or Just A Big Fan Of Puns.
I liked a @YouTube video Welcome to Tumblr!
Photo: dumdumi: Broken heart itt: We Heart It.
Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down? Save me from myself,
Asking "do you want the D" is not the way to get the "V".. This is how.....
You know, when you do a prank phone call you're suppose to keep your mouth near the mic and make it less obvious
I liked a @YouTube video Bring Me The Horizon - Drown
We kinda invaded @NorthlandColLRC today with the new student Xeron Clingon
So you truly love Kathleen and yourself? — And coffee and subway
you truly love me, myself and I so do you truly love Kathleen aswell? — ;) yup me myself and I!
Thank you @sinem4tic for letting me do this to Mary :) #creepy #creepypasta #doll #video #scary #halloween #Annabel
do you miss Kathleen a lot? — I do miss her but missing someone is healthy
Can you truly love more than one person? — Yeah! I truly love three people! Me Myself And I
People ask me what i study, well I train how to kill #darlek #doctorwho #doctor #who
why did yi just like a load of pages of lasses with t... — How is it disrespectful to support modelling and art?...
That doesn't sound promising — Neither does your face
Painkillers aren't working 😭
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Kathleen? — If we last we last if we don't we don't
This is pissing me now -.-
If you could do anything right now or be anywhere what would it be? — Costa
Photo: Claude Monet’s palette at the Musee Marmottan, Paris.
Photoset: mylifeaskriz: ruineshumaines: Liz Climo on Tumblr. this really cheered me up
#couple #nightout #drink #love #girlfriend
Painkillers aren't working in such pain right now 😭
What would be the title of your autobiography? — There and never back again
Esme only started getting interested in you again after you told her about Kat... — She never really love me though
How can you say that? She still loves you and always cared for you — Sure
Friends!!! #friends #pals #nightout #drunk #drink
do you miss esme? — Why should I miss someone who didn't care much for me in the first place