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Dimples are sooo cute. I wish I had some.
I'm no angel, but hell. I'm trying.
Just sit back & observe. You'll learn a lot.
I think I'm only one who's not excited for Teen Wolf.
My mom nags so much it's ridiculous.
You can't sit with usssss!
If I don't like you, I'll just sit there & act like you don't even exist.
A random text from #oomf would be perfect right now 😌👌❤️
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I don't understand why people lie to me. Lol I'm gonna find out the truth eventuallyyyy.
It's a pet peeve when someone takes foreverrrr to text back 😡
Don't always believe everything you hear, anyone can sell you a lie.
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So, can I turn my feelings off or nah?
Some days, I really just want to run away from everyone & everything 😕
I really wish I lived where it's always warm.
Oomf is a completeeeee waste of time.
Even though I have a job, I still be broke as hell.
@jayydeeebeee: I think I'm still talking to people I should've left in 2013.” rft
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I need something differentttt.
I think I'm still talking to people I should've left in 2013.
I guess it be like that sometimes.
I believe that if you do someone wrong, you're bound to get done wrong as well.
Got some muchhhh needed sleep last night.
Why lie when you already know that I know lol
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I only wanna talk to one person right now.