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Jasmine ❤️
Dimples are sooo cute. I wish I had some.
I'm no angel, but hell. I'm trying.
Just sit back & observe. You'll learn a lot.
I think I'm only one who's not excited for Teen Wolf.
My mom nags so much it's ridiculous.
You can't sit with usssss!
If I don't like you, I'll just sit there & act like you don't even exist.
A random text from #oomf would be perfect right now 😌👌❤️
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I don't understand why people lie to me. Lol I'm gonna find out the truth eventuallyyyy.
It's a pet peeve when someone takes foreverrrr to text back 😡
Don't always believe everything you hear, anyone can sell you a lie.
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So, can I turn my feelings off or nah?
Some days, I really just want to run away from everyone & everything 😕
I really wish I lived where it's always warm.
Oomf is a completeeeee waste of time.
Even though I have a job, I still be broke as hell.
@jayydeeebeee: I think I'm still talking to people I should've left in 2013.” rft
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I need something differentttt.
I think I'm still talking to people I should've left in 2013.
I guess it be like that sometimes.
I believe that if you do someone wrong, you're bound to get done wrong as well.
Got some muchhhh needed sleep last night.
Why lie when you already know that I know lol
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I only wanna talk to one person right now.
Baby, you winter time cold.
There's always that one person, no matter how much you guys have been through, you just can't let go of them.
It just ruins it when you're having a great conversation with someone, but then they wanna take hours to text back 😒
Looking at someone, trying to figure out what you reallyyy see in them.
No one will ever fully understand what goes on in my head .
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Have you ever let go of someone & regretted it?
In a relationship there's just simple things I wouldn't do cause i'll never want it done to me.
Any & everything I wanna find out I will find out with no problem.
You think i give a fuck? That's a misconception.
It bothers me when I see someone with so much potential throwing their life away.
I give out chances like it's nothing..
I'm constantly giving my all to the wrong person.
"You'll never get what you truly deserve if you remain attached to what you're supposed to let go of."
Black girls take pictures like they searching for something on the floor.
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I naturally don't care for too many things
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I need some patience because I have none.
Done catching feelings back to my ways 😏😌😉
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If you have to tell someone how you are, then you really aren't like that.
Wouldn't mind reliving a couple of nights 😏
This break was actually really good
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I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to trust someone 100%.