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Lmao since I left work early last night. My bosses think I'm hungover today. Not even tho 😂
#Leo is the most misunderstood of them all. They don't wear their heart on their sleeve.
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@Caitlyn_Jenner is changing so many lives just by living her life authentically... I'm so proud of her! #IAmCait ❤️
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God it's been so long.. So many updates. I feel like I'm on a new platform.. 😏
How does one change their username on this thing 😱
*Blocks everyone I know in person rq *
I'm back on Twitter 😸
😶This should get endless retweets, but it's not because y'all are too simple minded to understand the message. smhd
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Fuck whoever invented Netflix like it's a gateway drug to dick...I was really tryna watch some Ratatouille but now I got dick in my mouth
Fuck i have so many water bottles in my room
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Omg Isaiah 😂
proud to say I come from a family of hard working immigrants who left their home country for a better life. #WeAreMexico
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Gay Culture: To show me you can have a boyfriend and still be my friend is the biggest challenged i can put you through.
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Hygiene is so important and sexy to me. If you don't smell good, we can't be together 😂✋
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Story of my life RT @FeeninForMe: Tired of feeling sick Af on important days
Te all my unfollowers: Bye bitch! 💁
I'm literally obsessed with smelling good. I have soooo many colognes and scented lotions it's ridiculous 😂
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Fuck you Instagram! For taking down my account 😬😒
So now that my Instagram was taken down.. I feel the need to come back to Twitter lol
See y'all at Pride later :) #SFGayPride
San Francisco here I come! :)
God there's so many white people 😹
Yay my plane is here
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dear old gaga, please call back.
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😹👍@ElChuloKevinin: Ran into my third grade teacher at EDC LMAtB"
Quiero que hagamos el amor como animales 🐄🐂🐃
The only kind of dick I dislike is cut bc some have an ugly ass circumcision scar.
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I still think about you and I fucking hate that.
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Idk if I wanna be in drag either
I don't wanna look like an average fag tbh
Gonna be in SF for pride this weekend and idk wtf to wear -_-
Add me on snap thou :) Joqzan
Black dick is the bomb tho RT @MrsMDNACiccone: I don't care how much i hate white people white boys are just everything
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Idk what y'all think, but I think @Zendaya gone smash that Aaliyah role!!
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when bae starts using my slang
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IDC if a nigga look better than my nigga, got more money than my nigga, my nigga is my nigga & he the shit to me.

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