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Pokemon Master
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Jose, I miss you :(
90% of my life is me making an irritated looking face
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remember the days of limewire when you would download a song and it would be a completely different song or a video of someone fucking a dog
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American Horror story: Mean Girls 2
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It's depressing that 12 year old girls think they have to wear makeup to be pretty because they're scared of being judged for their natural
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*seductively licks dorito cheese dust off my hands*
Story of my life #pincheschismoso "@RicanSTEEZ: I think people misinterpret stuff I say o.O"
A girl is sitting in my assigned seat for class, I'll just akwardly stand by it so she'll get the memo
I prefer going to clubs that play pop music... it's so happy to just jump around, grind, twerk, the list goes on lol
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I've accepted the fact that tonight is a no-sleep-she-devil-in-the-morning kind of night #NoSleep #WhatisSleep
Really lame but my mom is one of my bestest friends
JUST STAHP"@wh0rex: Str8 people using gay slang 😒😤😴"
There's people wearing sweaters rn acting like its not hot
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Omg why's it so hot out of nowhere? ! -.-
OMFG I CAN'T ! "@CommonGayTweets: Bottoming for the first time like"
I am a hot mess. Minus the hot and triple the mess.
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I swear, I can never save up money :(
Testing... when I already passed Aims. Ugh Kill me now
@Joqzan I miss your face. Love the septum piercing.
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