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International Kissing Day is Wednesday everyone! #50shadesofcray
Does anyone want to do anything fun? I'm in Provo UT for the night.
"Windows 9" preview set to arrive later this year, will focus on desktop users - While a second update to...
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Microsoft's cross-platform smartwatch tipped for October release - Almost a month after it was reported...
UNSTOPPABLE: A Quad Amputee Story… via @YouTube
Seriously though
Guess who's helping the homeless tomorrow?!
Video: Official video for All I Wanna Do is up NOW! #AIWDonVEVO
Is it sad that I enjoy watching "the Carrie diaries"? #Netflix
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Why Apple Employees Never Wanted To Have Lunch With Steve Jobs - A former employee tells us why you’d never...
Five Best Budget Computer Mice - A good computer mouse doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, especially if...
Video: How sugar affects the brain - Nicole Avena
Anonymous said: You look unbelievably sexy in a suit
Amazon Prime Air sidelined by the FAA - TechSpot… via @TechSpot
Play 'The Legend of Zelda' with just 16 x 14 pixels - TechSpot… via @TechSpot
Guess who just installed a cool air intake? #mechanic #beginnersluck
Broadcasting live on twitch:
Broadcasting live on twitch:
Broadcasting live on twitch:
I just want you to be treated right.
Google Is Putting $50 Million Toward Getting Girls to Code - Made With Code is a new Google initiative to...
Photo: Google Stops Porn Ads! "Google is a dominant force in technology. More than 1.1 billion people use...
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