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Jay McGuiness
music the wanted 935,663 followers
Dear public toilets: Stop having doors you have to pull to exit. Cease it. Watching a scruff bag not wash & open it would not be a problem.
No @SivaTheWanted, if you ever get to work with Queen Latifah we can't be mates anymore. #YesImBloodyJealous #DoesSheLikeWhiteBoys
I'm just glad I finally got a diagnosis. Now I know what medication I need.
It's human to share stories & music, we've been doing it for thousands of years. Now we do it on twitter I guess.…
Thanks for the master class @JoeyDiggsJr, hope the birthday is as victorious!
The puppy Milo being a big wolf, chilling out of the sun roof.
Oh no! Richard Attenborough passing away... He was a great Actor/Director. Jurassic Park's now a family film I'll watch with some sadness.
Sharknado 2. The extras are physically laughing/flight attendant Kelly Osbourne just got her head bit off by a flying shark. Brilliant film.
We don't see enough of this is the UK media, it humanises instead of demonises the people of the Middle East.… #peace
Some people make you laugh at your phone in public like you're insane. They're keepers!
Had weird amazing fake BBQ chicken wings last night! I need to find a veggie to eat them with so I can share my joy. #MyFriendsAreCarnivores
Just saw "Hook" in the big screen, they don't make family movies like that any more. Bittersweet to watch it now. #RipRobin
I may not always have ability required, but I'll always support anyone I love having a rough day or working HARD.
We drank Avocado beer. It was brilliant. (Angel City Brewery Avocado Fest) - and "fest" we did.
Anyone feeling like witnessing us dive around on stage like lunatics - here's where you can in 2 weeks... SO. EXCITE.
I don't know if leaving money by a tramp you lay next to makes it worse or better. #ImTheTrampToothFairy
Remember this @TomTheWanted? When you were young free and single...
This is so sad to me. No one is born with hate in them.
CUTE! “@AlexsaTW: This is the whole TW Fanmily when you come on twitter & we're trying to get a follow from you 🙏�”