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Jay McGuiness
And if your liver is a muscle, then I'm going to the liver-gym today. #Science 🍻
Just thought, if the heart is a muscle, then heartache is like going to the gym for your heart right? 💪
Laughed hard enough to pee a little tonight watching #BaysideTheMusical - congrats @dustindiamond & co! #Bewbs
I love you @NanoTissera, but you are a dream killer. You kill dreams. You killed my Guinness dreams. :(
I know I can never taste Guinness again because it is non vegetarian. Every day I wake up with that knowledge is a sad one.
Aside from having someone shout viciously in my face today I have the some other real sad news in my heart! Update to follow...
Things I learned: (1) @RachelLFilsoof's voice is remarkable. (2) Wow. (3) (see number 1)
So proud of @OllieMarland tonight in NYC performing for @CBereavementC Such a great performance for an amazing cause.
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#FDNY members honor the 343 lost on 9/11 during a remembrance ceremony at the FFs Monument.
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Great people are great!
Park life. My kids are gonna have swings & trees and a hot dad.
The @ItsMidnightRed boys we toured with are tearing up Spain and sitting at number 1 on iTunes! Congrats fellas & if you're 🇪🇸 go 💶🎶💶🎶💶🎶
Wow didn't realise you could touch the Mona Lisa! (& that it was in a bar... So lucky... So much culture)
Hmm...@lxttietbh he had a rough week, the pears were literally a hot mess- but my money is on Richard.
Normans Pieful Tower got him booted off. :( He was my favourite. #PiedOff #GBBO
Mary Berry is a baked goods rock star.
If you're okay with a boy playing the kazoo doing a willy helicopter show you're okay with me.
Hmm @OllieMarland, I may or may not have forwarded Ms Lawrence's pictures via your phone. It should be known you were showing the party.
Photo courtesy of chumpelina. Our fans are so poetic.
The crowd are screaming along to @OllieMarland's "Rude" rendition! I'm maybe 2 beers in :) #Fusion
Dear public toilets: Stop having doors you have to pull to exit. Cease it. Watching a scruff bag not wash & open it would not be a problem.
No @SivaTheWanted, if you ever get to work with Queen Latifah we can't be mates anymore. #YesImBloodyJealous #DoesSheLikeWhiteBoys
I'm just glad I finally got a diagnosis. Now I know what medication I need.
It's human to share stories & music, we've been doing it for thousands of years. Now we do it on twitter I guess.…
Thanks for the master class @JoeyDiggsJr, hope the birthday is as victorious!
The puppy Milo being a big wolf, chilling out of the sun roof.
Oh no! Richard Attenborough passing away... He was a great Actor/Director. Jurassic Park's now a family film I'll watch with some sadness.
Sharknado 2. The extras are physically laughing/flight attendant Kelly Osbourne just got her head bit off by a flying shark. Brilliant film.
We don't see enough of this is the UK media, it humanises instead of demonises the people of the Middle East.… #peace
Some people make you laugh at your phone in public like you're insane. They're keepers!
Had weird amazing fake BBQ chicken wings last night! I need to find a veggie to eat them with so I can share my joy. #MyFriendsAreCarnivores
Just saw "Hook" in the big screen, they don't make family movies like that any more. Bittersweet to watch it now. #RipRobin
I may not always have ability required, but I'll always support anyone I love having a rough day or working HARD.
We drank Avocado beer. It was brilliant. (Angel City Brewery Avocado Fest) - and "fest" we did.