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Jayron Janis
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For a stock market hooked on zero interest rate crack, withdrawal symptoms are inevitable.
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BREAKING: #CISA vote delayed til 2pm. Still time to call Senate 1-985-222-CISA or | @idltweets
BREAKING: Pres @BarackObama betrays previous commitment to privacy, endorses #CISA. Take action now: by @idltweets
Must read: #CISA the dirty deal btw Google & the NSA no one is talking about… #FaxBigBrother
#StopCISA: the dirty deal between companies & the government that ends privacy. #FaxBigBrother
4 reasons to not vote for #Hillary: 1) Christopher Stevens 2) Tyrone Woods 3) Sean Smith 4) Glen Doherty #tcot
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Every person, animal, and place emits vibrations. Your body discerns this energy as high, medium, or low level.
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There may be hope to restore the Constitution at some later time, but, now for all intents and purposes it is dead.
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BREAKING: Someone posted the full text of the #TPP online Retweet to spread it! via @idltweets
BREAKING Wikileaks exposes another secret deal like #TPP. Congress votes this week! @idltweets
#AskPOTUS: If stopping climate change is so important, why are FBI & NSA spying on climate activists? #SunsetThePatriotAct. via @idltweets
The Sacred Science - Free Online Screening
This is it. We have a chance to #SunsetThePatriotAct & stop #NSA spying. Join a vigil tonight!
Eva Maria's Recovery Fund | Medical Expenses - YouCaring…
Should the government be allowed to spy on you? Congress could be voting **today**. Ask them to take a stand.
Congress about to overturn court ruling that declared #NSA spying illegal. RT! @idltweets
Senate vote to #FastTrack the #TPP censorship deal is tomorrow! Take action now via @idltweets
Retweet this to tell @NancyPelosi we need her leadership to save the Internet! via @idltweets
Disappointing fight to watch. Expected a boxing match.
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Ceasar salad with celery, fresh raw garlic, & Avocados over a bed of spinach. -Garlic for its anti-parasitic & anti-microbial effects -Avocado for healthy fat content. #PlantBasedSteroids #CeleryIsANaturalSteroid #SpinachIsANa
Baltimore Police Were Ordered to Stand Down & Watch A Part Their City Burn So As 2 Not Escalate & Spread The Looting!
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#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 One More Reason YOU NEED GUNS VIDEO 🎥 Mayor Gives Thugs SPACE TO…6Q4s
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New finger tapping riff in e minor. Guitar is tuned to C# standard. Video creds go to my sister Jenika. #acousticguitar #musicislife #fingertapping #Em #guitarriff
Congress is rushing legislation to #FastTrack the #TPP censorship deal. #InternetVote tmw!
URGENT: Senator @RonWyden is trying to #FastTrack the #TPP this week! Call right now: (202) 224-5244 via @idltweets
My little cousin ciara and me on Easter Sunday. Taken with her fujifilm #instax mini. #cousinmoments #wishididnthavetoworktoday #oldtechnologymakingacomeback
One Senator gets to decide whether the Web lives or dies. Tell @RonWyden no #FastTrack for #TPP! Call (202) 224-5244
Protest the war that's being waged inside your mind.
Welcome to the Internet under the #TPP. Don't let it happen @RonWyden! #StopFastTrack now!
I wanted to post this at exactly 9:26, but lost internet connection :-/, anyways... happy pi day!!
Don't let lobbyists & bureaucrats decide the future of the web in secret! @RonWyden: no #TPP.
Retweet if you think decisions that affect the Internet shouldn't be made in secret. @RonWyden
#NetNeutrality victory! Grumpy Cat flies over @comcast HQ to say Don't Mess with the Internet!…
We just won the biggest victory in the history of the Internet. #NetNeutrality wins!

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