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Joyce Pipeson
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michael leykin gay son of a bitch !
Being a woman isn't all about the Curves or a pretty face, U should also have a Functional brain, an Enduring spirit & a praying tongue
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Don't sleep with her if you know you won't marry her. What is the essence of jss1 -sss3 if you know you won't do WAEC?
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U ve got a dm. Can't call u back network's full of prob
Só HOJE aqui no #BigFollow, desconto nos planos de seguidores! #HojeTemPolloNoGugu:
É #BigFollow, imagina ter mais de 20.000 followers por apenas R$ 450,00? #FelizDiaDo:
God for taking me this far... #TYJesus
God's love remains the best. I long 4 this undying love and that's all I need. #TYJesus
Ladies, the only man you are allowed to chase, I repeat CHASE shamelessly is the man that stole your purse
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Your boyfriend beats you on a daily basis, you put his picture up and your BBM Status reads "you bring Out the Best in me" Are you a Drum???
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MamaAkpos:Aw was ur paper? Akpos:wonderful,but I didn't know d past tense of"think".I thought & thought & thought then finally wrote "thunk"
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AKPOS: I'm so homesick.. EKAETTE: But this is your home!.. AKPOS: I know and I'm sick of it
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Akpos:y r all these people running? Joba:This is a race,d winner will get d cup. Akpos: If only d winner wil get the cup,y r others running?
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That Mogbe Moment wen u say “Jesus take d wheels”.......and ur steering Wheel disappears. SMH 4 u
This will interest you all if u r addicted to twitter. Pls RT to help others…
How many girls can say amen to dis prayer. May your son be treated the way u treat other guys...Can I hear A Big Amen?
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Stupidity is when a man Sleeps with more than 5 women without condom but still carries his own Clipper to the barber's shop
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One way to make money is to stake money. Things change but you can be ur own hero; when u change things.
Apples are more efficient at waking you up in the morning than caffeine.
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IF NOT FOR MUSIC - PSquare will be dancin break dance in weddings..Davido will still b writing Waec..WandeC will be advertising fr Dudu Osun
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But will Dbanj Forever Introduce Himself?...I'm Pretty Sure When He Prays, He Says......'Dear God...Am Dbanj' !!
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GIRLS! Don't let your PRIDE and the society make you die single.. DM that GUY now if you like Him.
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Your Pants, Bra, Earring, Toothpaste, Clothes & even toothpick were all bought by men, yet u tweet "Miss Independent".. U can't escape Hell
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"@meritdee: You are the boss sir.;) my bom 1 in town boss. Done boss RT @easygent: @meritdee ff back sir."
Like my network is sick.
Where is the capital of twitter? #IamSureUWillFailThis
u can count ur TL per day. Abeg how many days make a year?. #IamSureUWillFailThis
U make up 3hrs, mirror get tired of u. Abeg wetin u dey feel like??? #IamSureUWillFailThis
#IamSureUWillFailThis how many seeds are there in a orange tree?
Ok. All of u go and sleep I wan to turn off twitter servers. But na 4 my mind. *toothpicking*
Don't tell me how much you love me, show me.
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A slutty girl is like the first slice of bread in a loaf.. Everybody touches it but nobody wants it.
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Dbanj snubs Don Jazzy? And u dey carry am for head? Leave them they'd be fine..worry about urself! You dun chop?
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Pastor akpors: r u the 3wise men or d 4th man on top going to onitsha? Akpors church: hallelujah!!
Akpors will not kill me. Mary chris matt people.
#IfSantaWasNigerian he for dey mr biggs dey chop right now
#IfSantaWasNigerian he must be a rapper. E jor ooo
#IfSantaWasNigerian u'd better count ur kids b4 he leaves otherwise u will pay ransom to have them back.
#IfSantaWasNigerian he will selling every gift he gives u.
Boys smoking fireworks. Ahhh! Dis generation!!!
If I'm weird and crazy around you, that means I'm comfortable with you.
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Interviewer: Where can you see yourself in 10 years? Akpos: A mirror.
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Ur gf meets an already made man, u call her a gold digger but ur sista meets an already man, u say it's a favour 4rm God. #ThunderFireYou
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Jehovah Witness people might come to your house to preach against Christmas,Lock your doors.
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