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Jay Onrait
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Hockey starts today and so @JayOnrait join @ryanbrum and I for a PA Show NHL Preview. No strategy discussed at all.…
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ICYMI @fs1otoole and I talk about streaking. Promise it's for a good cause @CCSHockeyPool
.@JayOnrait and @fs1otoole are ready for @FOXSportsLive at 11 ET to recap a wild day and weekend in sports!
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Zim is a FA after next season. Will be 29. $$$
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Orioles come back to win 7-6, now lead the Tigers in the ALDS 2-0. NOW GO WATCH NLDS ON FOX SPORTS 1 @FOXSports1
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An important message for @Gotham fans: RT @FOXSportsLive: FOX ain't done yet, baby! #FSLive
After the baseball game on @FOXSports1: Onrait. Karros. "Fox Sports Foreheads"
Two of the funniest guys I've ever come across in @fs1otoole and @JayOnrait ! They let me do their…
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I think it's safe to say the girls are going home with ALL the commemorative @Yankees Gift Baskets tonight.
Just asked @FOXSports1 to suspend me. I didn't do anything but we could use the publicity.
This headline is terrific. I thought all men experimented with this at some point in their lives:
Supermarket self-checkout is all "please place items in the bag" who am I Indy at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark GIVE ME A SECOND
.@JayOnrait LOVES the Champions League theme song. Maybe a little too much, right @canningb?
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Exclamation point at end of his last tweet makes it: RT @Deadspin: How Marcus Vick found out about Adrian Peterson:
.@Letterman tribute on the show tonight: RT @FOXSportsLive: It's the #FSLive THRILL CAM!!
One good thing about Rob Ford dropping out of the Toronto mayoral race and his brother Doug taking over: Kevin Farley may find work again.
"You know what I found out the other night? Vagisil and Orajel are the same thing." - @fs1otoole. Watch him on @FOXSportsLive right now!
Fans of "The O.C" will get it: RT @FOXSportsLive: You didn't like season 4, Jay?
New @JayandDanPod brought to you by @DraftKings. We talk a lot about Japanese toilets.
Dan had a birthday Wednesday. We ordered a cake. This is how it looked when it arrived. @fs1otoole @FOXSportsLive
As I was saying on a taped hit for @FOXSportsLive to look for the NFL to hire a private investigator, they announced just that.
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Good quote from @@PSchrags on FS1. Goodell told Saints during bounty gate "Ignorance is not an excuse"
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Happy Birthday to my life partner fs1otoole!
No reason to turn off Fox Sports 1 yet. Jay and Dan doing college football highlights? Yes, please!
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Do yourself a favor and watch "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work," a superb 2010 documentary on the departed queen of comedy.
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Broke into old workplace promoting @CCSHockeyPool. No one's cleaned since we left! Enter here:
If any of your social media bios say "No Regrets", I feel like you may have a significant amount of regrets.
Looking forward to first matchup between Las Vegas NHL expansion team and a Canadian team…
In Kyoto. Geisha next to us is checking her iPhone! She be like: "Yo this dude is WACK where my girls at?" #geishalife
Been working on my photography here in Tokyo. This one's called: "How Japan Sees Us on two wallets"
ICYMI: Selig's out, Manfred's in. Hoyer's in, Manziel's out...for now. Tonight's #FSLive under 90 seconds!…
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Rod's reaction at the end is simply incredible: RT @RodSmithTSN: I accepted #ALSIceBucketChallenge
"Rentin' cars and gettin' boners" @RondaRousey guests on the @JayandDanPod promoting @Expendables3…
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge accepted:… @fs1otoole and I challenge Wayne Gretzky, Gary Bettman of course @RealCarrotTop
"This bum sweat is unbearable, I'm going for it" - @RickieFowlerPGA before that last shot.
Rain delay at #PGAChampionship sends @fs1otoole outside to swing the sticks himself.
I know I'm a little late to the party but @JayOnrait book Anchorboy is the greatest book of all time. #Chapter4
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And "John Football" as well. We like to be formal. RT @FOXSportsLive: Onrait is really trying to make "John Manziel" happen. #FSLive
FACT: Fine Young Cannibals would end shows by eating one of their concertgoers. "WE WEREN'T JOKING" they'd laugh between mouthfuls of flesh.