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weèd lover
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i threw my hands in the air and said show me something
Give it to mammaaaaa
The bad girls want a real nigggggggga,
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No letting go, no holding back because you are my babyyy
Can't believe I'm 18next year, my mentality is still at like 14
Going in for the exam with leggins, airforce and a pink bandana, school should be lucky I've got the shirt& tie onn
I'm deeeeply in love with @Drake its bad
Girl I can't lie I miss you, you and the music were the only things I cud commit tooo
First I made you who you are, and then I made itttt
Geography exam, can't wait for this week to be over!!!
My ex is a perfect example of how stupid I can be.
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O K , so @Scotttbt was meant to be a good friend and stay up with me and motivate me to revise and the nobheads fell asleep, fml
If your good at maths by any chance dm me
Seen a gay guy the other day that calls cigs 'ciggies' , haha I want him!!!
I'm a failure at life, and maths
You and the music were the only things I could commit too
Hooked on cocaine, sniffin like a police dogggg
I need a tattoo sleeve before my 18thhhh
I already know what my wedding dress will look like, then again I could be forevs single with 50 cats x