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Jay McCreary
It's Fat Friday! Cheesy 90s dance to celebrate?...
Independence Day 2 has a name, and it’s not the good ones you’re imagining
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Oh, by the way, for those who care, I passed Uni... high 2:1, so I'll take that and run. #EmployMe #GizAJob
Who sips irises anyway? Can't see it tasting nice.
Sorry Apple, when did "surprised" become something that needed autocorrecting to "sip irises"? I'LL decide when I've chosen the wrong word!
This looks like amazing fun... #MarioKart without the red shells and annoying mushrooms...…
Please help our best friend. #StopYuLin2015 Thanks. Have a peaceful night. The only marks you should leave on a dog..
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STOP EVERYTHING, BREAKING NEWS: Lauren Goodger narrowly avoids walking into a puddle via @DailyMailCeleb
If it was entirely up to me, I'd hang this somewhere in my kitchen...
Accident on Wildhouse Ln, Milnrow side, road closed to traffic both ways. Ambulance & fire service present.
Come and find out what it's like to work in indie radio production at next MIM seminar in July. Reg interest now!
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There's always something to slow you down when you need to be somewhere...
This is bizarre... but brings a nice retro feel to Friday night. Welcome back, and farewell (again) #TFIFriday @achrisevans
Ok... so automated Facebook stalking seems to be a thing now. Thanks, but no thanks, Facebook.
BREAKING: Globe Hotel murder probe: Terry Taylor of Oldham named as Cumbria murder victim
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Bloody hell. 11,000 little tidbits of pointlessness? What an incredible waste of time & bandwidth. I need a day job.
The Britain's Got Talent voting results were SO close. Here are the voting figures in full:
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Meanwhile, in a not too far away land, where the post people clearly don't care or can't read... @RoyalMail
Clearly the magician's Twitter army weren't behind him today! Glad the dog won though. How many Dentastix is that dog getting tonight �#BGTT
Dog= 2000 followers, Choir= 5000 followers, Magician= 15,000 followers. Will this transfer?... #BGT #BGTfinal
Two out of three ain't bad. Please don't let the yawn choir win #BGT
#DannyPosthill #JamieRaven #JulesODwyerandMatisse - My top 3. Will be nowhere near that, but hey, we're all different... #BGT #BGTfinal
So, if #JesseJaneMcParland doesn't make it through, which judge will she prune before getting taken down by security? Vote Now! #BGT
That was the first time we’ve had a proper lemon at the #BGT Judges’ table since @piersmorgan left… #JamieRaven #BGTfinal
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That magician has a really lovely understated way about him. Very good. #BGT
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As fun as it is, I think the "Five Uncle Nobheads" act have got quite a limited future. I doubt Lizzy would be overwhelmed. #BGT #BGTfinal
Not a massive fan of choirs. Did nothing for me. The heathen within finds it rather boring. #Yawn #MyOpinion #BGT #BGTfinal
#DannyPosthill is an awesome impersonator. Hard to squeeze in material within 2 minutes, would love to see a full set. #BGT #BGTfinal
So... if she doesn't win this time, do we reckon she's gonna start taking off some heads? #BGT #JesseJane
No trip to Tommyfield Market is complete without a trip to the chippy! #LoveYourLocalMarket
@TomNokes @JayMcCreary yes you can! Available from top of the slide at Yorkshire street.
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Ticket to Slide is underway in Oldham Town Centre for @KershawsHospice
I think one of my neighbours have bought a cockerel. Basically a seed-powered alarm clock for the entire street. How thoughtful. 😒
Whatever kind of Fri night/Sat morning you're having, this will make it better... you're welcome btw: #90sflashback
This is horrendous. Not just being mean. Flat as a witch's... pancake. Who's buying this drivel? #BGT #Collabro
Because there aren't enough zombie flicks 😞. (To be honest, this would actually be quite cool... )…J
Jesus Christ, you wouldn't mess with Jess Lee there wouldn't you, so you wouldn't. #BGT
Underwhelmed. Those Disney freaks needed to embrace their inner Disney Princess and sing a medley of their songs. Opportunity missed. #BGT
"WOOO WOOO WOOO YEAHHH!" On behalf of Britain... please stop this. #BGT2015 #PeterLambert

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