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Jay McCreary
My name is so uncool, no child has been named if since 2002 according to this: @MENnewsdesk newborn name widget
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Robin Williams was good in everything he did, I think my favourite film of his was Bicentennial Man, a masterpiece.
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Just watched "The Box". What a convoluted and rushed mess crowbarred into one film. Felt like it should have been a 2 or 3 part mini-series.
"Radio has a contact with the audience in a very special way. It's a privilege to be allowed into people's lives." - Mike Smith. RIP.
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I wonder how long it will take for someone to edit #themissingpieces back into FWWM. Tempted to do it myself... #TwinPeaks @ThatsOurWaldo
Just watched #themissingpieces #theentiremystery #TwinPeaks and I STILL want more #GreedyBastard - Continuity errors aside, what a ride!
"You only get to give birth to a baby once"... says the woman with two children. #BlingingUpBaby
I hate that Toddlers In Tiaras show & those repulsive pageants. Shame on the UK organisers for bringing that crap over here. #BlingingUpBaby
Not sure that I want to live on a planet where 4 yr olds wear Hooters outfits and get fake tans. #BlingingUpBaby
When it's hot enough that the glue on some of your DVD box sets is melting, then you know it's a heatwave.
"It struck me as funny! Do you understand me, Harry?" - 22 year wait! #TwinPeaks #TWINPEAKSTUESDAY @Kyle_MacLachlan
Before you toss away that old games console...… #retrogaming
Grammar and punctuation is everything...
Is it actually this hot? Or have I died and gone to hell?
@JayMcCreary He's marking where all the gypsy caravans can park when they move onto your street next week. Good luck
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So there's a bloke walking down my street, with a clipboard and a can of white spray paint, marking the pavement outside some houses. Why?
@JayMcCreary I've got a proper, really massive…….. tongue
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Can you hear that? It's the UK's education workforce rejoicing. #GoveGone #GoveOUT
An example of how an act of laziness can result in changing the context of a news story...
If you're going, send us some pictures! Tame Valley Vintage & Classic Car Show is in #Oldham Town Centre, from 10am.
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On air after 2pm on @EnergyFMNews - Two hours of great tunes and chatter to fill your Sunday afternoon -
Amazing crowds at Blackstone Edge to watch @letour - estimates of up to 12,000 doing Rochdale borough proud #tdf
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Lots of people making their way up Blackstone Edge in the sunshine! Great to see!
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#Littleborough band entertaining queues waiting for bus to Blackstone Edge and #tdf
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Car park at Hollingworth Lake is now full #TDF For alternative parking visit…
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@JayMcCreary @Rev962 I'm listening Jay you're on loud and clear in my truck at work 👍
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Evening show on air after 7pm on @Rev962 - Tune in on 96.2FM or online Or download the free app!
Another strategically placed present from next door's cat?
Elliot attempts the #TDF2014 in Rochdale. He's obviously in a̶w̶f̶u̶l̶ great shape @officiallydale
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Join me on the evening show after 7pm on @Rev962 - Listen on 96.2FM or online
Evening show on air after 7pm on @Rev962 - Listen on 96.2FM or online
Brilliant ending to a brilliant series, but still left me wanting more, thank you @SHO_Network @SHO_Cali @davidduchovny @EvanHandler
On air after 10pm for the Monday Late Lounge on @EnergyFMNews - 3 hours of music & chat
Who remembers when MTV played music videos?
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The Evening Show with @JayMcCreary is on-air! This week's Album of the Week comes from @wearejames - 'La Petite Mort'.
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