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@DOPEITSDOM: and if you got a girl that's holdin you down and u out here fuckin her over u stupid. Ain't nothin out here”
@jaybeeTRENDz: Who's tryna move to London with me? Like fr fr”
@fooIin: no bae november”
one of these days
off to bed
@trillfinity: This is how real Christians should act 👌”
missing the small stuff
Please retweet. We are looking for Casey. Last seen in Gilbert, Elliot and Val vista
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@_daisymerollinn: please always stay on the same page as me”
nobody understands my struggle right now
@CHlLDHOODRUINER: Only fully visible on Veterans Day. How incredible 👌”
this year is almost over & I barely even did anything
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@Vinetastical: This is an awesome... Andrew Harrison telling his twin brother to take the shot to beat Wisconsin
@Cameron: This video gets me every time
@DMTripping: A good relationship needs balance ☯
@TrueevoL: I wanna be like this right now 😞😩”
Rt if ur sexually frustrated
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rip Donda West
Kendrick Lamar is something vicious
society is fucked
@Romanroyalee: Light skin black girls, I got mad love for y'all” @CrishanaJ
@susfully: intelligent girls are so attractive”
Real quick. Very much dislike when white guys bash on black women. I love black girls. My moms half black. Don't say negative shit bruh.
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@jl96__ I love you too jay jay hahaha BFFS FA life my biscuit
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@popstardiva: I love Jay" aw friends 5ever Vic 💙
my mind hasn't changed
i never thought you'd shoot me down
@Aradxao: It's hard to find people that love you no matter what but when you do hold onto them”
@initiaI: when people treat you like they don't care, believe them.”
*gets hurt by a guy* *put traps up* *sees if he wants her bad enough, to hurt myself in the process to get her*
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just want to sleep
I know I'm stressed when my skin starts acting up
@augsina: Once you get fucked over, you stop giving a fuck about a lot of things.”
@trvvp_: My ex's taught me that not every "I love you" is real.”
not changing my mind
@DaNaejaSutton: Not going to force you to have a conversation 😂”
@trvvp_: i destroyed myself to fix you.”
any question after 10:30 pm gets an "I dunno" until tomorrow