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the incredibles is my shit
@kickssandhoes: Never letting her go ☝️🙅”
the rose gold fuel band will be mine
Of you don't follow back within 24 hours I can't fuck with you
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this headache right now 😓
if you dress like this don't even breathe close to me ya niggas gay.
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I be extra sweet when it's her time of the month 😭
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@cheetopuffscuh_: I'm sprung and I have no problem saying it 😂😂😂😂”
"jay lemme get some of your slush"
sonic is life
sumiko is my nigga @sumikovega
no one should ever have to lose a parent smh
how do I lose sixty dollars in my house 😒
Neo Tokyo came in so clutch ✊
I really want thai food
when did subway get garlic bread..
@RAWblunts: Miss my girl 😔”
i dont wanna wake up tomorrow.
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why do I bother
@Aly_Kennedy1: It's funny when people think they have you all figured out, like no bish you don't know anything about my life ✋”
@JMcCown11: Calling it a night”
when the people you want around are never there when you really need them to be
you're not helping me
@Aly_Kennedy1: Not making time for people that don't make time for me” 👌
never thought I would say this but I'm really starting to dislike weekends
@WhittyThePooh: I got one less problem without you.”
I've seen you at your worst and I still think you're the best. 🏆
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Me and my bed tonight.
I can never pick an outfit the night before bc there's no telling what the weather will be the next day
az has literally no chill right now
@Aly_Kennedy1: I hate waiting for anything, I get bad anxiety” my life right now
it's crazy how much i don't give a fuck about your opinion.
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all I was trying to do is go to work
this is so frustrating
Regardless of how good people have it, they still have problems going on
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People hype up high school way too much
relationships are cool when you balance each other out
I've never had an issue with my girl being busy because at least she's not sitting on her ass all the time
I mean what's high school without your life falling apart 2 or 3 or 19 times
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@MarkoPosts: Some girls aren't in love with their boyfriend. They’re in love with the idea of being in love.”
just not in the mood for anything
2 to 9:30 😓