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Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP
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And, of course, there's a couple nasty intestinal viruses causing cramping, diarrhea, vomiting. Hydration matters more than food.
School started, viral illness abounds. 3-4 day unpleasant bugs often followed by another. Average duration of mild symptoms is 2-3 weeks (!)
"Is it okay to question vaccines? Of course it is. It's the start of a conversation." Agree with Brian Zikmund-Fisher, PhD #vaccinesNOVA
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@THR: What does Hollywood's crusade against vaccines mean for the children of Los Angeles? #longreads” _____Nothing
President Obama has the worst job in the world. Nearly impossible to win.
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The NFL will not care about domestic violence until the public forces them to.…
"the equivalent of about four cups of soy milk a day" Who drinks 4 cups of soy milk a day??…
Childhood Diet Habits Set in Infancy, Studies Suggest, via @nytimes #breastfeeding…
“This study shows the best [breastfeeding] support is not where it’s most needed,” said Dr. Miriam Labbok…
Real weekly CDC data make for better discussions.… Six cases of pertussis in CA last week Measles in WA only
Polio data from the most reliable source:… 149 cases in 2014 All but 32 in Pakistan
Teen body clocks. In bed at midnight, up at 10:00. School, noon to 6:00. Sports, family time, reading, NO homework!…… @sacca gets it right. We are institutionally racist and our President needs do more than he's doing.
Surf Bus! Kids seeing the ocean in a new life-changing way. DONATE! Please.
@Swiperboy: Early morning workouts. Adios ✌🏀😴”
Anthropologie Nurse In Wednesday 8/21 Beverly Hills
@JayGordonMDFAAP Nurse-in tomorrow, Wednesday, at Beverly Hills Anthropologie from 3-4 pm. Woman was asked to nurse in the bathroom!
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Breast milk has up to 600 species of "good" bacteria to protect #breastfeeding babies from pathological bugs…
RWNJ. I had to think for a minute about what those initials stood for . . . you, too?…
"neonatal brain [uses] ketone bodies, provides glucose-sparing fuel to the brain, protecting neurological function."…
When I prescribe antibiotics for a child, I am almost always doing more harm than good.…
@StayChiIl: Window washers at a children's hospital - This deserves endless retweets
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The AAP recommends against routine supplementation of nondehydrated breastfed infants with water or dextrose water (harms exceed benefits).
“The Knick” Great medical review
What images will change the way a person sees the world after viewing them?
The Kids Who Don’t Beat Autism. And this article is just a valuable…
Autism There be lots written about this long article. It's optimism is wonderful but the experience is not universal
World Breastfeeding Week! Brings the biased pseudoscientists out in droves
I know how modest he is about awards, but Vin Scully is deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor
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More on how NCI researchers mapped the genetic changes that drive a common childhood #sarcoma
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Would any scientist give SIX vaccines at once to a baby? Asking for trouble. One at a time makes so much more sense.…
#BoycottTheCircus: Bc #RinglingBros separates still-nursing baby elephants from mothers & elephants never forget. 💔
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Oklahoma moms stage mass breastfeeding in public park
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"At the extreme, these are foods that all but glow in the dark," said @DrDavidKatz What was ASN thinking??
Dr. Jack Newman dispels myths about breastfeeding premature babies…