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Jay Glazer
nfl mma football-soccer 638,460 followers
"@mmajunkie1010: @RichFranklin @JayGlazer @BillyZebe @Unbreakable what the heck are u running on?">A Sproing,replaces treadmill, Zero impact
Last day w our players today @Unbreakable, Marcedes Lewis and Donald Penn just left, I head out for camp tomorrow. Life is goooood
Look who showed up today. Putting my man @RichFranklin & his boy @BillyZebe thru a performance workout @Unbreakable
"@MoveTheSticks: @JayGlazer your fighting training would've come in handy in either of those professions-- bartender or standup comedian">ha
"@AMChiefs: @JayGlazer How did you get your start in the industry?">was interning at WFAN while trying standup and bartending in NYC
"@JobsInSports: @JayGlazer In your opinion how to get a job with little to no experience in sports industry?">>intern as much as u can
"@Irishfootball11: @jerrycferrara listened to the first three episodes of @B4BPodcast..they were great..loved the interview with @JayGlazer"
"@ABC7Lori: Looking at the best fit tools to keep pro athletes in shape @Unbreakable More 6am show @ABC7 #mapit"
I will appreciate this year more than any other! Thank you>"@MFJ500: @JayGlazer After what happened to ...
"@BIGYUSM2: @JayGlazer what's funnier NFL stories or mma stories ? I have my share of mma athletes acting fools">>definitely NFL.
"@Patricia_Traina: @JonCzubryt @JayGlazer NY Giants. Jay was one of the first beat guys I met and also one ...
"@d4343: @JayGlazer went to school at Albany. Assume crackhead was downtown by Hudson St? Or on campus? Doubt that right?">quail street
"@GVILLETARHEEL: @JayGlazer Don't tease us Glazer! When can we expect the book?">>ya know what?? I'm gonna do it. I got too much funny shit
"@Patricia_Traina: @JayGlazer Pleasure to have known you back in the day when you were a Giants beat writer.">always a pleasure patti!!
Or the time I was in j'ville... no I can't do that one.
Or the time at ravens camp I went into my room and blood was splattered ALL OVER MY WALL!!! Manager ...
"@MrBONE747: @JayGlazer Are you coming to Canton?">>yeah I may want to show up this year
Hmmm, got the one time where this big transvestite crackhead broke into my place at Giants camp thru the window at 4 am. How I miss him
"@tgilb2007: @JayGlazer do it! Or share some here via twitter!">>140 wouldn't do em justice
"@GIANTS21: @JayGlazer putting #92 in #HOF will be a kick off to a great year #GMEN" >>no better way to kick off the year
I need to write a book w all my funny-ass stories from all these travels. I've had some crazy shit happen on the road
Can't believe it but this will be my 22nd year of going to NFL training camp. Oh the stories, the stories. Haha
Last weekend b4 headin off to my Glaze Across America NFL camp tour, spending it w my little guy in SD livin the dream!
Who's got it better than me?!?? Spending my last weekend b4 I take off for NFL training camps with my little guy in San Diego #roughhousinginthepool #sun #vacay
"@montreal57: @JayGlazer Great that football is back. Are you at 100%. Can't wait till it starts.">>not quite there yet but I'm workin