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Gabriel Kaam
Remorse over Regret
Gestion d'envois emails et règles - lifecycle Emails
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I should stop drunk-tweeting
And They Say It's Because Of The Internet
Unlocked my phone to take a girl's number .... Was on Tinder #pickupFail
How to stop smoking: ... Just fvcking stop doing it!
Gave them niggas real shit, don't know what to do with it #CG
Ce n'est pas parce qu'ils sont nombreux à avoir tord qu'ils ont raison.
I have a problem with my Ego: he's too fuvking good
I don't remember people's names because I usually don't give a fuck
C'est la mère Michelle qui a perdu son chat
Life is as funny as you make it. Stop being a little bitch
Azzy jvais dodo, j'ai mon avion pour SF dans à peine 10h #drunkInLove #innapropriateHashtag
Cherchez pas de But a votre vie, il n'y en a pas.
You actually don't need advice , do it your way, screw up, make mistakes; that's how you become the best
People giving you advice when they don't know SHIIIIT
I can be wise sometimes, but not tonight
IT'S OVER 9000
They're so many girls in the world wat much better than your highschool crush. Trust me
Don't get married before you're 30
I think drunk-twitting should be a common expression
Women are not attracted to money, they attracted to Game
Partying I'm Vegas gotta be so lame when you got no game
It's my jam, it's my jam
#CONCOURS Cette année, Radioelectrolyon vous fait gagner des places pour le FESTIVAL ASTROPOLIS 2014 qui se...
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Parfois je parle pour ne rien dire et j'assume complètement cette part de féminité en moi.
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Back in Paris in 2 weeks thoo , bye Vegas
,@ImMiaWallace est sûrement le compte twitter le plus sexy de ma TL
I need to be the best
Ça y est j'ai la 4G, du coup mes tweets partent avant que je n'ai pu corriger les fautes d'orthographe. C'est pas de ma faute.
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I really think the Moto 360 will be the best smart watch on the market. First of all, its the only one who actually looks like a watch.
Drool: Moto360. Slobber: food ordering app, and payments on the wrist! (Damn, is it lunchtime yet?) #io14
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This is my favorite song, I just don't know the words ... #childish — at Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas NV
.@ChloBarrault ( cherche une alternance avec son Master Marketing @iaeparis, RT si vs avez des contacts intéressés :)
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On our way to the EDC festival ... #Vegas #EDCLV
— Vous savez, vous n'avez quasiment aucune chance de vous faire assassiner. — OUI MAIS ON PEUT ME PIQUER MON iPHONE. #FEAR
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Are you enjoying #EDCLV?! Remember, stay hydrated & be safe!
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#EDCLV If you're here, you know how hot it is. Stay hydrated before, during, & after the event. Let's have fun #undertheelectricsky!
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So jealous of the people that are about to see Deorro #EDCLV 🐼#FAMM
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