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Jay Deal
The Walmart ice cream sandwiches hold up stronger than their employee background checks. #applause
What if war in other nations is implemented & provoked by media to satisfy the hunger for reality TV in the US to gain ratings #NahThatsNuts
Why have they ruled out aliens causing giant gaping holes in Siberia?…
I am in awe as I look up at the billions of stars crowding the night sky on this spot at #MountShasta. All I can do is gasp (and tweet)
Ever think the world is going through a hangover and we are only at the dry heave stage of it?
If my neighbor was throwing rocks n bombs at my house w/out quitting I would blow his doors down and set his world on fire until he stopped.
Camping on the mountain with this view for a couple of weeks. See ya when I get back earthlings. :) #shasta
Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching. -George Van Valkenburg
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'Whistling' Volcanic Lightning Heard Halfway Around the World…
A new study shows that those who hated #Lucy are only using 1% of their brain and are waiting for #Transformers 5.
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned (and who uses 100% of her brain). I love #Lucy
This Luc Besson Description of 'Lucy' Renders All Criticism Redundant|Criticwire…
The Mystic Cowboy | Altitude & Attitude – An Answer?…
What Happened When One Woman Had Her Picture Photoshopped In 25 Different Countries via @HuffPostWomen
Steppin' in a slide zone... via @YouTube
I met new artist Crosby Morgan and watched her perform in Santa Barbara. Love the CD.Good stuff. @crosbyyeah
According to The Internship, Google only hires 20 something mean spirited a-holes that look down on everyone who is not techno savvy?#google
So that little package that says 'do not eat' in the beef jerky....what happens when you do eat it?, Lets say ... accidentally.
#Obamacare Flashback - Lets pass it so we can see what's in it. - Pelosi.
A recent study shows that if you remove your rear view mirror you can focus more on where you’re going &not give a damn on where you've been
Go to sleep brain. You'll respect yourself in the morning.
Another Screen Shot Of The Upcoming Windows Start Menu Leaks… via @TechCrunch #BACKTOBASICS