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Lollypop Couture
Only Jesus could build a bridge to Heaven with just two pieces of wood.. Happy Sabbath 💒
Quick stop... In need of a couple grey T-shirts
I'm pretty sure this weather has bipolar
I think that when you get dressed in the morning, sometimes you're really making a decision about your behavior for the day. Like if you put on flipflops, you're saying: 'Hope I don't get chased today.' 'Be nice to people in sneakers.'
Why fly when you can travel by train
Swanky.... #TheGetAway #SecretLocation
Pipe routing megalomania
Temple Bowl Salad, a seriously tasty salad lunch of tempe fried in turmeric with papaya, avocado, white cabbage, sprouts and seeds, sambal, lime and honey. Soya dressing on the side
Samsung S5 attack!
Sometimes being a tourist in your own city is quite refreshing
I dont know if this is playing or fighting... but these fellas have so much energy this morning
Happy Tuesday from new heights
The type of conversion you cant imitate
Me and the other half 😆
Everybody rushing about, people should once in a while take a look around them in the world or you might miss something special, like this guy killing it.. all the best to him just a simple chilled sound and a brilliant tune 👏
They looked so sad 😥
Notting Hill - People dont even notice there is something different in the air
Gentle reminder for all travellers
Some bunny loves you.. Can anyone reunite this lil chap with his owner?
Follow me over on Twitter @BVJONO another great way to find out about my daily antics
How people park their bicycles in Great Britain
Good Sunday vibes and good Sunday rides 🌿
Old to me but new to you
Watching how art is made through a shop window
Found this on my phone
Letterbox eating trees in kensington
Pretending to be pretentious douches at The Ivy... Feeling like a King right now lol #BirthdayBoy
An exhibition of felt sculpture by Irina Andreeva. This is just amazing, those figures are so huge!
One of a kind vinyl store... full of friendly and quirky people..
Who do I have to poke to make/get me a latte?
Stumbled upon this..
Doesn't get any more Sherlock than this 📰
Chain of events 🎥
Nothing compares to my city
Starbucks.. What would I do without you🚶
PassionWagon 🎭
No loading at any time 🔒
Marble Arch 🌐🎬🎥
If you know then you know... If not then thank me later 💮
Wow! December thunderstorm in London, bang, crash, lightning & lashings of rain, the sound effects full works!

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